Here's the deal ... hikers in North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains National Park came upon a grizzly scene this weekend when they discovered a black bear chowing down on human remains. The Russian website reported the incident during which the men apparently recorded the bear before their death. The five men were repairing a bridge on a remote part of Sakhalin, an island off the southeast coast of Russia. Despite plenty of images of bears getting cozy with humans lately ... the danger of wild animals is still very real. Yikes! Two people have been killed by bears in Russia’s far east as increasingly large numbers of the animals are approaching humans due to a lack of food sources. An experienced bear hunter who hunted and killed many bears, Sublette shot and wounded a bear after being separated from his hunting party near present-day Santa Monica in 1854. (YouTube via Twitter) By . The video begins with a dog barking at a bear cub with multiple men audibly laughing in the background. Adding to the shortage of food is the overfishing of salmon. 1st Practice After Getting Booted from S.F. The attack was said to have been one of many due to the bears not being able to find sufficient food in the wild. Some of the images were extremely graphic, allegedly showing hikers that were murdered by the same bear. One of the workers happily shot video of the cub. The body was left near the Surgut-Salekhard highway. It usually happens when either bear or human surprises each other. They were trapped in open ground and the 1,500 lb bear outran and killed them. A 100-pound black bear was killed by Oregon state officials on Thursday out of fear that the animal had become too accustomed to humans, according to the Statesman Journal. The man was not a hiker though. Neither of the victims in Fragall’s post appears to be related to the article but it may have validated the story for some at the time. You can unsubscribe at any time. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Putin did not kill the bear. hide. Post office worker Natalya Pasternak, 55, was gathering wood when the bear emerged and attacked her. It’s very rare. According to The Sun, the man was an oil worker in Siberia. Get TMZ breaking news sent right to your browser! Our goal is to cover things of interest that expand from strictly online interests to real life events impacting communities around the world. level 1. On November 9, 2017, Clauncey Fragell uploaded six images to her Facebook. The next gruesome picture shows a man’s body after it had been hollowed out by a bear. The caption with the post reads, “Bear killed in Russia for killing humans,” suggesting the included images are all related. Video of gruesome bear-killing in Russia goes viral — and could be a crime. A Russian man was devoured by a brown bear while gathering mushrooms outside his village, hours after jokingly warning his wife about the fatal scenario. There were too many reports of close encounters with humans and farmers were complaining about livestock being killed and eaten. Big bear killed in Russia after it dismembered two hikers made me wish the size of the pelt changed with the size of the animal you harvest from. The unnamed man was said to have been killed and partly eaten between Novy Urengoy and the village of Pangody in the Yamalo-Nenets region. The hikers say they were passing by what they thought was an abandoned campsite around 7 PM Friday when they found human body parts scattered around the area, with a bear scavenging on the remains. Around the same time the post was made, The Guardian released an article titled “‘Hungry bear’ crisis leaves two people dead in Russia’s far east.” At the time, authorities in Sakhalin said 83 bears had to be killed because they were hostile. A dead bear can not run with Putin on his own back. In any event, the park says a portion of the hiking trail and the campsite where the remains and bear were found are closed until further notice as an investigation is underway. It is not normal behaviour for bears to feed on humans, park officials said. Overall, it looks like the pictures are authentic but the story is not. A viral video shows a truck driver running down a brown bear in northern Russia. The images are real, but appear to be from different incidents over the years, not just one bear attacking humans. Wild bears are still VERY dangerous ... don't be fooled by recent cute videos of the furry beasts, because they still have an appetite for human flesh!!! The officers were armed and killed the bear. We will not be able to find solutions to issues without the ability to discuss them. Jorge Masvidal Knockout Ben Askren In A Record 5 Seconds At... Did The City of Chillicothe Ohio Facebook Page Blame Narcan For... Belle Delphine Bath Water Sold Out In Roughly 72 Hours, Everything You Would Need To Know To Storm Area 51. A forestry worker told the Agence France-Presse “There are not enough fish, berries, nuts” for the bears to eat. While it is hard to tell the accuracy of the story, it does suggest the image is not related to the other images from Fragell’s post. Rips Selena Gomez Fan for Bullying Hailey, Drops $300K Birthday Gift Bag On Lil Baby, Rosario Kept 'Mandalorian' Secrets from Me. The picture of the two men standing next to a massive pelt is hard to find a backstory on. The article claimed investigators initially suggested only a “wild beast” could inflict such injuries. 13 comments. Park officials say rangers arrived at campsite 82 shortly after midnight and found a dead adult man ... and a bear, presumably the same one the hikers spotted, was "actively scavenging on the remains.". Obviously, this image has nothing to do with the other images. Officials killed the bear on Thursday after tests confirmed it had eaten part of the man's body and hid the rest. Bears have killed 4 people in the last 3 weeks in Akita, Japan. 11 Russian Bear Attacks Woman in Forest, 2015 A woman suffered critical injuries after being attacked by a brown bear in the forest near Tynda, in the South-Eastern region of Amur, Russia. That’s why they tell you never to walk alone or silently in bear country. One of the earliest uploads of this image was to imgur on July 15, 2017. The wounds were determined to likely be from a bear’s paw. The first victim pictured was allegedly killed in Azerbaijan. ... Maybe you'd kill that bear, but I'm going to hide from that bear forever. This month, a bear killed three construction workers on Sakhalin island and left two in critical condition in an attack that was partially filmed on one of the men's mobile phones. That’s not good at all. You have entered an incorrect email address! Founder of Discuss and former founder of The Daily Haze, I have been a journalist for going on six years. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Download the TMZ App on the Apple App Store, Download the TMZ App on the Google Play Store. Viral story in Russia is fake. 480. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Google translate - Five shift workers engaged in repair of a bridge in a remote part of the island, when they saw a baby bear. Russian authorities were criticized for killing the bears by French newspapers but they ensured them the bears were all starving to death and would have surly died while trying to hibernate. He was then mauled but stabbed the bear to death with his knife and with the help of his dog. Will Be WNBA's Only Black Female Head Coach, ©2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. A massive brown bear killed two geologists at their work site on Friday. The post has been shared over 132,000 times since it was originally uploaded. A post from “Documenting Reality” in June 2015 claims the attack “happened at café Gohar when a couple of drunk and young people tried to pet the bear.” While the story may not be accurate, it does suggest the image is not related to the other images. The Sankebetsu brown bear incident (三毛別羆事件, Sankebetsu higuma jiken), also referred to as the Rokusensawa bear attack (六線沢熊害事件, Rokusensawa yūgai jiken) or the Tomamae brown bear incident (苫前羆事件, Tomamae higuma jiken), was the worst bear attack in Japanese history, killing seven settlers in Rokusensawa, Sankebetsu, Tomamae, Rumoi, Hokkaidō, Japan. The region’s forestry management agency admitted that at least 50 aggressive bears have been killed so far in 2020, Interfax reported. © 2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. A grizzly shot in Alaska in 2001 has refused to die on the Internet, living on as a man-eating monster -- even after reporter after reporter has tried debunk the myth. The next image is extremely graphic, as it shows a man completely ripped apart. An old Facebook post is catching another viral wind since it was made in 2017. The bear is dead now too ... park rangers euthanized the wild animal, but officials say they haven't determined if the bear actually killed the man, or just stumbled upon his remains. Wildlife officials said they had to kill a black bear cub in Oregon after it became too friendly with humans who were feeding it and taking pictures with it. A Glacier Park ranger shot and killed a grizzly bear that was suspected of killing a Texas hiker in 1980. “Afterward they called and told me it was a sow with cubs,” he says, “and that’s really f’d up. The second one was in Russia, but wasn't a hiker - he was allegedly an oil worker. The hikers say they were passing by what they thought was an abandoned campsite around 7 PM Friday when they found human body parts scattered around the area, with a bear scavenging on the remains. Discuss Global is a site that aims to bring an unbiased and equality fueled perspective to independent media by giving both sides of heavy debates. A Facebook post from 2017 claims a gigantic bear in Russia was killed for killing humans; The post has six images and has gone viral several times over the years since it was made; The images are not all related to the same bear or even the same area of the world; An old Facebook post is catching another viral wind since it was made in 2017. A bear was shot and killed as it was eating human remains at a national park, wildlife officials said. It's a stark contrast to the black bear in Massachusetts, which gently woke up a man sleeping in his back yard. ... human? If you like what we are doing here, please feel free to make a donation to keep us going. The unnamed man was overpowered, killed and partly eaten by the bears - with one gruesome picture showing the side of his body ripped wide open. According to the article, the 38-year-old man was found near Novy Urengoy. Here are the facts. Crowdfunding is one of the main ways you can support independent media. Initially, Internet rumors claimed the bear was killed in Alberta until Luke Randall set the record straight. But the size of the bear isn’t the most shocking part of the claim. Amateur video showed the bear pushing a wheelbarrow while walking on its hind legs, then attacking the trainer, biting him and forcing him to the floor. (pending confirmation).” According to an article from Outdoor Life in 2012, the bear was killed during a hunt in Afognak Island, Alaska. A MUM-OF-TWO was killed in a brutal attack by a wild bear as she was taking a stroll near a picturesque lake. In the very first image, a man is seen standing in front of a monstrous bear which is being held up by a crane. The 2017 total was three times higher than the total hostile bears killed the year prior. Alexander Korneyev, 66, was killed just outside Suluk village, 5,300 miles east of Moscow, as he tried to put up a … I have covered a wide spectrum of issues and been boots on the ground from Ferguson to Standing Rock to see firsthand some of the issues America is facing. The bear is said to have been between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. According to Gleb Raygorodetsky, who grew up in Korf and coordinated Kamchatkan Bear conservation for the Wildlife Conservation Society, there is no stigma attached to killing bears in Kamchatka. The fishing nets were installed anyways. We're going to turn to the chilli iing photos of a hiker's final moments before a grizzly attack. The next image appeared online before the viral post on a Russian media outlet on September 20, 2017. report. Upon a reverse image search, it appears the image was uploaded a month prior to Fragell’s post on October 19, 2017, to pikabu with no real details. Outlets around the world ran with a fake story about a man attacked by a bear. The worker—who wished to remain anonymous—said there should not have been fishing nets installed during that summer due to the shortage of fish. The last image can be found as earlier as 2011 in a YouTube video uploaded by “TMAXXPUNISHER.” The video is titled, “Biggest Bear Ever Killed HUGE!!! save. 37 Man Films Final Moments Of His Life - Mother Bear Attacks And Kills 3 People . The images are not all linked to the same bear or even the same area of the world. Putin likes to ride a bear. They later decided the worker from Orenburg was murdered before animals damaged the body. share. The caption for the image simply reads, “2,000 lb Bear Killed In Russia Recently.”. 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Hard to watch. The victims were attacked by bears, but not the same incidents. 473.

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