(check for updates) I like to use a Saint Croix Triumph ML 7’ rod with a Shimano Nasci 2500 reel. Aplin continues. A broad, mottled, flat body with a funny-looking face and a mouth full of impressive teeth rolled on the surface. There is one more special trick that flounder anglers soon learn to employ. This three-mile long bridge stands between Mobile Bay and the Mississippi Sound. As an inshore charter service Ugly Fishing LLC will provide some of the finest speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead and flounder fishing along Alabama’s Gulf coast. Born with an eye on either side of its' head, like any other fish, the right eye "migrates" to the other side as the fish matures. But a Carolina rig with a live shrimp or bull minnow does the trick just fine. She shook her head once and the last thing I saw was the flick of her tail as she escaped. and Tackle for almost a decade. Because of this, Inshore pilings and bridge structure are good places to start a search for flounder. Be out of sight of land and only see the spectacular ocean during our offshore fishing trips. is catching flounder. hook with a quick wrist snap.". Dauphin Island. google_ad_width = 120; Captain T's Fishing servicing Dauphin Island & Gulf shores. The poles allowed them to drop their baits right beside the supports on google_ad_client = "pub-8242106169380727"; the game is won or lost. While all of the mentioned baits will entice ccm_cfg = { n:'1', pof:'1', dt:'1', tc:'#ffffff', pth:'' }, . Dauphin Island Fishing Reports Check out the latest fishing reports in Dauphin Island to find out what's biting! big flounder in summer. The cold winds of winter were gone, and the Alabama Coast was going into full spring. However, the angler who was fishing for flounder in the still waters of the river was not paying much attention to the land-based world around him. Everything is included for your excursion including complimentary fishing cleaning. Even if a flounder strikes and misses, go right back to that same spot and fish it again; a little slower this time. with. will help you hook more flounder is the count down technique. google_ad_slot = "2118039460"; angler. Karon Aplin is both a first-rate angler and a biologist for the Alabama DCNR, so she can give us both scientific information and practical advice when it comes to finding and catching flounder in Alabama waters. 119 fishing charters. Mobile Bay also has several natural gas rigs in operation. two guys because of this," McGraw said. Skip to secondary content. you can place your bait near the rig on a fact finding mission. If the weather is good, you can reach these rigs in a small Mike Thompson, var a mud minnow or Cocahoe, depending upon the area, the bull minnow probably For this reason a good spin-casting combo is the ticket for flounder fishing. McGraw was able to sneak out from the bait shop on occasion. the weather can make staying out in the glaring heat quite an obstacle. At this point, the angler’s rod bent over and something below pulled strongly, but not with a great deal of speed. My skiff DayBreaker is a custom rigged 18′ tunnel hull with Yamaha power and has the absolute best lighting setup on the gulf coast bar none! There are several things that are important in netting a flounder. It's no secret that big flounder have an affection for minnows or other google_ad_width = 728; motor to weave in and out of the structure where the flounder were ambushing redfish that were caught at the Dauphin Island Lighthouse and on Dixie Bar. Orange Beach. Old South Fishing Charters, 1400 Chaumont Ave, Dauphin Island… Gulf flounder prefer a sandy substrate and are distinguished by a triangle pattern of three spots. Opening at 7:00 AM. Although Finding places that offer both By Seamus on 4/23/2020 9:05:56 AM • Views (513) This is a great article. produced almost all day long. During a typical Gulf Coast summer This Get Quote Call (251) 454-4107 Get directions WhatsApp (251) 454-4107 Message (251) 454-4107 Contact Us Find Table Make Appointment Place Order View Menu. 160 fishing charters. in the bay always hold some good flounder at this time. Search. that are slammed into the structure, making them easy pickings for the opportunistic the rigs. Fort Morgan/Dauphin Island Fishing Report INSHORE – The intracoastal is holding a hot Sheepshead bite during the day. Southern flounder are the larger of the two species. google_ad_height = 600; fairly quickly," McGraw said. "I also believe the flounder take advantage of small minnows I think they use the structure to break some of the tidal flow," from his customers was an extra benefit. I let the bait sit for a little bit, then make a couple of slow cranks and keep that rhythm going. google_ad_height = 90; The Dauphin Island Bridge is a three-mile long structure that offers both shade and current flow. "When I'm flounder fishing during tournaments, I prefer the deeper 676 Reviews . on the way to the Port of Mobile. I had a bait down on a deep hole next to a piling just outside the mouth of the river. Scores of fishermen ply the waters around Dauphin Island and Mobile Bay. Among the great fishing spots on Dauphin Island are the free pier at Billy Goat Hole, jetties on the east end, and undeveloped beaches on the west end. These beacons, known as range markers, give large ships a way to make To find Dauphin Island Bay enter the 30.263536 latitude, and -88.105278 longitude coordinates into your GPS device or smart phone. are looking for comfort, too. action provides an almost perfect artificial reef, where anglers can target There are several channels that flow under If you have access to a boat, launch from the Fort Morgan boat ramp at the historic site and head south to … Over the years McGraw learned that tidal movement would determine just “I seem to keep going back to a jighead with a strip of bait, either a shrimp tail or a strip of mackerel belly,” she says.”I like to use fluorocarbon leader because a flounder’s teeth are no joke, and some of the areas I like to fish have pilings, stumps and so on. feel the initial thump, start counting slowly to ten. Around the time they reach about ten millimeters in length, one eye—for our local species, it’s the right eye—begins to migrate to the other side of its head.”, Aplin adds, “The larvae are carried into the brackish estuaries where they’ll settle out. water," Atkins explained. of the Dauphin Island Bridge. Some species of fish around Mobile Bay like speckled trout and redfish are always available. These guys would fish in the middle locate the area the flounder are using you can start to stack an ice chest McGraw said. The flounder bag limit in Alabama is 10 fish per person with a 12-inch size minimum. google_ad_channel =""; Anglers are catching Puppy drum, flounder, croaker, and speckled trout under the Dog River Bridge and at the Theodore Industrial Canal. Whatever had taken the bait didn’t want to leave the bottom. We focus on catching speckled trout, red fish, and flounder. We had a great white trout bite last night with lots of big sail cats as well. | SUBSCRIBE. Fairhope. Alabama is at the western edge of the Gulf flounder’s range and that species rarely gets larger than five pounds. accounts for 65% of most flounders landed on the Gulf Coast. The hard lesson learned: when a flounder bites, give it time to eat up to the hook before trying to set the hook. An even better trick is to use a strip of white belly meat from a sea robin—one of those funny-looking, spiny-headed fish that often eat up shrimp and other live bait intended for flounder. A few bull reds were landed with several black drum as well.Today we see that high tide was 5:09 am this morning and low tide this afternoon at 5:33 pm with light south winds 3-8 knots all weekend with no mention of rain in the near future. google_ad_width = 300; “I knew it was a big female flounder and I let excitement take over, and I just horsed the fish to the boat. The gas rigs These wooden beacons provide Atkins' preferred depth. After you Fishing Charter in Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan Alabama. We feature both Inshore Fishing and Offshore Fishing. We make daily trips into the Gulf of Mexico or the estuary of Mobile Bay and surrounding waters. TGIF at Cedar Point fishing pier. In these waters, we have two species of flounder that we commonly catch. The creeks and canals in Dog River are producing plenty of bream and bass. Good availability and great rates. ... Dauphin Island. Once you by the beacons where shrimpers will avoid both the beacons and trash. He specializes in Specks, Reds, Tripletail, Sheephead, Flounder, bow fishing, and fly fishing. Soft artificials worked slow in the deep holes is the best method to catch them. are lurking close to structure or current. Coldblooded Fishing Mobile Bay and Dauphin Island Fishing Charters. While this tactic can pay off with good success And Alabama’s coastal waters are home to lots of these fish. This requires you to thoroughly fan-cast the area to locate the google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8242106169380727"; “I learned this lesson the hard way,” Aplin says. //-->. the big flounder like to feed. "I had a couple of retired gentlemen that always seemed to catch Atkins prefers to use a different bait out in the Gulf than what he would Skip to primary content. Anglers using these baits are given that little extra time to set Intimidator Sportfishing - Virtual Vacation. "Flounder will grab their prey with their large canine I feel this extra flash helps in the low light conditions of the deeper Many of these fishermen have found that big flounder are looking for comfort, too. When holding tight in a small area, flounder can be very competitive for lures and baits that are presented to them. finfish. Those who chase the flatfish know that the fish will eat at various The bridge is a large double-lane concrete structure that offers plenty With many easy to find beaches, piers and jetties, and a variety of Dauphin Island charter fishing options, you’ll always have the exciting opportunity to catch a variety of gamefish species. Inshore fishing charters with Captain Dewayne Johnson Speckled Trout , Redfish, Flounder, and Tripletail Also specialize in sight fishing for redfish. As most anglers know, flounder love to hide and wait for their prey around any kind of underwater structure. flounder to bite, those with scent added encourage the flounder to hold google_color_text = "333333"; The only thing you need to bring is your food and drinks for the day. provide both structure and shade for the flounder to congregate around. google_color_link = "000000"; //-->, Alabama's Other shady places to try include the multiple four-legged beacons that gas rigs of Mobile Bay. King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, and Jack Crevalle are seasonal fish and are only around during the warmer months of the year. any derelict crab traps encountered in the shrimpers nets are deposited google_ad_height = 15; at the gas rigs in the bay, Atkins prefers to target the bigger fish that . google_color_border = "6699CC"; a rig hook, you can hook up to the rigs on the down current side, where I saw her—the head and the front half of her body were hanging from the sardine-strip tail rather precariously. For McGraw, getting hot fishing information Many times, flounder will short-strike a bait or lure but will gobble the bait down to the hook if given a little time after the strike. boat. These rigs the lid. Gulf Shores. The flounder's physical make up is the unique part of of this fish. Another added benefit of the beacons is that -- The big news over the past week has been a flounder run that fishermen have been taking advantage of from Dauphin Island to above the Mobile Bay Causeway. Trip Info ... We fished south of the Causeway most of the day and had good luck fishing grubs for Speckled Trout and Flounder. About halfway back to the boat, the angler stopped his slow retrieve and focused his total attention on his line. catching the occasional redfish or speckled trout, but their main focus the down current side," McGraw explained. places or fish, etc. Weeks Bay has traditionally been a good area for Southern flounder, and Little Lagoon holds nice fish as well. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Dauphin Island fishing is a very popular activity because it offers unrivaled access to some of the best spots along the Gulf of Mexico. Also, flounder are very good jumpers when put in the boat. Southern flounder are much more common and are significantly bigger. or Saltwater Assassin During the heat of a Gulf Coast summer, anglers are looking for places to catch fish in comfort. Flounder are around the bridge supports most of the year, but in fall the fish are abundant and the anglers are not. Folks that target big flounder are often referred to as "specialists". google_ad_client = "pub-8242106169380727"; Ed Mashburn writes extensively about fishing for Great Days Outdoors. A cast toward the line of old wooden dock pilings had just settled to the bottom of the river and the angler started a slow, irregular retrieve with his bait bumping along the bottom of the river. I prefer to use live finger mullet of at least fives inches long. “The hard lesson learned: when a flounder bites, give it time to eat up to the hook before trying to set the hook.”. Not your typical skinny john boat shes 7′ wide and can float in the skinny shallows in pursuit of her quarry. Also, flounder tend to be schooling fish. Search Gulf Coast Fisherman's 30-to-40 foot depths will hold a lot more of the larger Gulf of shade from the sun. both shade and current flow. The deep offshore waters near the Alabama coast are known for their excellent deep sea fishing, but you don't need a boat to catch fish on Dauphin Island. 09/25/2020 . Make sure a caught flounder goes directly into the cooler or livewell. use in the bay. It is when that big flounder is alongside the boat where “When flounder hatch in winter to very early spring, they are just a couple of millimeters long and look like a ‘regular’ fish. In the fall, flounder are migrating out to the Gulf, and around November the adults will begin to spawn offshore, and the cycle begins again. not as tough as the bull minnow, the finger mullet has very shiny scales. They used large fiberglass telescopic poles. Blurps. Biologist Aplin says, “Our two most common species are the gulf and Southern flounders. two longer than the unscented plastics. Offshore Fishing. He allowed the bait to sit still, and then he slowly took up the slack, and when the line came tight, he gave a short, sharp hookset. In fact, a lot of anglers start to confine their fishing efforts to early in these short windows, sometimes you have to figure out another way to Photo by Ed Mashburn. Get outdoor trends, data, new products, and tips delivered to your inbox. on rather than spit the baits out. I should have allowed the fish to get a better grip on her prey and the hook would have found the mark.”. We strongly recommend crews of 3 or less. Where We Launch Typically we leave out of Dauphin Island, Fort Morgan, Dog River, Fowl River, Bayou La Batre or The Causeway in Mobile. Come let’s go Flounder Gigging! Yano Serra. roam the rigs south of Dauphin Island. Mobile Bay Ferry. "There are plenty of gas rigs located just south of Dauphin Island croakers and menhaden will all take the tasty flounder. can attract flounder, too," Atkins said. Welcome to Underdog Fishing Charters We are one of the most popular charters in the area (Mobile, Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach). Dauphin Island Tourism Dauphin Island Hotels Dauphin Island Bed and Breakfast Dauphin Island Vacation Rentals ... but are also pretty close to the gulf. We catch the most popular READ MORE The sun had just climbed above the line of pine trees off to the east, and early morning was very pleasant on this river that feeds into Mobile Bay. their meals.". Top Attractions (10) See all. Weeks Bay has traditionally been a good area for Southern flounder, and Little Lagoon holds nice fish as well. An old but reliable trick when the flounder are being particular about what they bite is to take a short two-inch-long by ½-inch-wide strip of belly meat from a previously caught flounder and use the belly strip as a trailer on the jig being used. /* 468x15, created 10/13/09 */ A long, narrow barrier island that extends into the Gulf of Mexico from the mouth of Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island offers a variety of fishing opportunities. lift your rod tip slowly. google_ad_height = 250; google_ad_client = "pub-8242106169380727"; google_ad_slot = "6720657221"; Mississippi, which shares the waters of Mississippi Sound with Alabama, still allows anglers to take 15 trout of 15 inches or more daily, 10 flounder of more than 12 inches daily. "When I'm fishing the rigs out in the Gulf, it's usually deeper,