Gingher Scissors Gingher has been recognized for their premier line of cutting implements for home sewing, crafts, needlework and industry. A special gift for someone or for yourself. image[ number++ ] = "" 10" LARGE TAILOR SCISSORS Upholstery Dressmaking Material Fabric Cutting Shears. image[number++] = "" g_mapProds['11846'] = {"sProdRef":"11846","nPrice":1449,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £41.75 8.5 inch, Janome Ebony Marvels Side Bent Dressmaking Scissors. Using a method that is centuries-old, skilled technicians hot-drop forge our scissors … Average rating: The minimum purchase requirement is $25. 5 out of 5 stars g_mapProds['12554'] = {"sProdRef":"12554","nPrice":1395,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £6.95 Share $52.49 $69.99 You save 25%! With their thick & sharp blades, use these dressmaker scissors to cut several layers of fabric at once! 95 $40.96 $40.96. Fiskars Servocut High Performance Scissors. image[number++] = "" g_mapProds['13892'] = {"sProdRef":"13892","nPrice":4175,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £43.95 increment = Math.floor(Math.random() * number); document.write(image[increment]); ... (212) 212 product ratings - FISKARS XL Classic Universal Scissors Dressmaking Right Handed All Purpose 25cm. Do not use for paper products. Sewing Scissors Gingher 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker's Shears. image[ number++ ] = "" The versatility of Ginghers 5 inch Sewing/Craft Scissors makes them a favorite with quilters embroidery and sewing enthusiasts. Gingher 8" Designer Series Juniper Dressmaker Shears,Sewing Scissors,Knife-edge Scissors, Dressmaker Shears, 8 inch scissors, Made in Italy DebsDevineDesigns From shop DebsDevineDesigns image[ number++ ] = "" $37.49 $49.99 You save 25%! image[number++] = "" image[number++] = "" //--> image[ number++ ] = "" Very confortable due to their low-friction handles, and precise thanks to their fine blades with sharp points for your sewing and crafts projects.Ambidextrous ! C $71.37. g_mapProds['13166'] = {"sProdRef":"13166","nPrice":2785,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £13.20 image[ number++ ] = "" image[number++] = "" The two smaller pairs are made in Germany, but my 8" dressmaker scissors (left-handed) have a sheath that says Germany, but the scissors are stamped "Brazil." g_mapProds['10697'] = {"sProdRef":"10697","nPrice":2375,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £9.35 They are made with a double-plated chrome-over-nickel finish for ultimate durability. You can keep it in your sewing kit or throw it in a pocket or a purse. With proper care, Gingher scissors … We believe that this success is due to the heritage of quality craftsmanship. Best Sewing Scissor Brands: The Big Three When it comes to sewing scissors, three brands tend to dominate the gossip circles: Fiskars, Gingher, and Kai. image[ number++ ] = ""