He still managed to top 2 out of 4 boulders. I spoke with Duffy’s head coach, Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou of Team ABC in Boulder, who flew to L.A. with her daughter and a fellow coach. “I was still really focused and calm, taking each move by itself, but definitely pacing myself faster than I normally would,” he said. Climbing Regularly Since: Age 7. The third and decisive discipline went down to the very last hold, as 16-year-old Colin DUFFY climbed last, topping the route and sealing a crucial 1st place in both Lead and Combined ranking. Competing last in the decisive lead part of the event, the 16-year-old topped the route and sealed a crucial first place in both the discipline and combined … As for Brooke Raboutou, she’s taking time off college in San Diego to train in Boulder. We all went because we knew this could be a very, very big weekend.”. Despite his youthful age, Duffy has already won Youth Worlds twice and has several Youth National titles. THORNTON, Colo — Qualifying for the Olympics is a lifelong dream for a lot of athletes and something Team USA Climber Colin Duffy managed to do by the age of 16. With a win this weekend at the Pan American Championships I’ve claimed a spot in the Tokyo…” In 2017 and 2018 he won. Winning ABS 15 & SCS 2014 Nationals. Wicked Gravity: Local crusher Colin Duffy of…, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Wicked Gravity: Local crusher Colin Duffy of Team ABC makes Olympics, Boulder County could receive coronavirus vaccine in 10 days, Boulder County adds 4 deaths, 8 outbreaks, 157 coronavirus cases, Boulder County to vote on new short-term rental regulations, Boulder Police seek help identifying Thursday bank robber, Boulder company linked to CrossFit owner raises $35.8M, Nederland trustees oppose Gross Reservoir expansion, Boulder City Council delays Macy’s redevelopment vote, Boulder County Coroner identifies woman found Monday near South Boulder Peak, Sammie Lawrence sends Boulder letter threatening legal action over 2019 arrest, Louisville to reopen Main Street to cars, create outdoor dining areas. “He loves his teammates. Follow him on Instagram @christopherweidner and Twitter @cweidner8. Does your home heating system work as it should? Colin Duffy, 15, practices climbing on Monday at ABC Kids Climbing in Boulder. 16-year-old Olympic Rock Climber | Dealing with Changes Caused by Coronavirus, Walmart CEO says we’re in the ‘hair color’ phase of panic buying, Essential Workers Helping Other Essential Workers | Free Vehicle Inspections & Oil Changes, Covered With Love Diaper Bank | appointment-only, Publix | Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus At Several Stores, Sheriff & Jail | Domestic Abuse & Assault, Funeral Home Prepares | Public Vehicle Viewing Window, Consumer Waiting for Refund | Stuck & Limbo, DNA Leads To Arrest Of Man | Decades-Old Murder, High-speed Police Shootout Caught on Dashcam Video, Woman Survives Week On Remote Beach After Plunge Off Cliff. Only the top right competitors would move on to finals, and for Duffy it came down to Lead. They are doing 99 percent of the work and we’re facilitating it.”. Colin Duffy . Colin Duffy, 15, is a two-time youth world champion in sport climbing, and is focusing his sights on the 2024 Olympics. By winning the final Lead event, as he was the fastest to top out, in the Pan American, he got a ticket to Tokyo. Kris Ugarriza / redwavepictures.com Colin Duffy … The US team has now maxed out with 4 qualified competitors. Even as climbing federations across the globe are canceling major climbing contests due to the coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 Olympic Games — at least for now — remain full steam ahead. As I shook out my pumped forearms I noticed Colin Duffy, a 15-year old competition climber, on a much harder route right next to me. Colin Duffy earned the final male 2020, Summer Olympic spot on the USA climbing team. All three routes are some of the most … “The fact that they have built this relationship is amazing.”. Sixteen-year-old Colin Duffy grew up in Broomfield, Colorado. Last weekend Los Angeles hosted the Pan-American Championships, the climbing competition that served not only as the championships for the entire continent but above all as the last chance for athletes from North, Central and South American to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games. “I just went into my space and reminded myself that I’m a good lead climber.”. Discover the fulfilling senior assisted lifestyle at AltaVita Assisted Living! (Courtesy of Duffy family) On ABC Since: 2012. The third and decisive discipline went down to the very last hold, as 16-year-old Colin Duffy climbed last, topping the route and sealing a crucial 1st place in both Lead and Combined ranking. Colin, How was your Journey before the PanAms? He did this by winning the Pan-American Championships, held in Los Angeles, which concluded March 1. With his sport set to debut in Tokyo, Colin Duffy is at home, climbing the walls Colin Duffy, 16, trains on the wall in his basement. As champions do, he adapted his climbing style to match the challenge. No. Duffy was the last climber, and he could tell by the cheering crowd that American Sean Bailey had just topped the wall. Follow him on Instagram @christopherweidner and Twitter @cweidner8. USA Climbing News – Colin Duffy Joins US Climbing Team Sharing Press Release Provided by USA Climbing on March 1, 2020 Colin Duffy (Broomfield, Colorado) made history over the weekend at the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Pan-American Championship in Los Angeles, CA as the fourth and final U.S climbing athlete to qualify for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team. Men finals results: By finals, two days later, Duffy felt like himself again. Friday, March 1: Men’s Finals The best climber of the night, who placed fifth in Speed, second in Bouldering with three tops and first in Lead, again, with a top, was 16-year-old Colin Duffy, from Broomfield, Colorado. Climbing will become an Olympic event in 2020. 16-year-old Colin Duffy is dealing with more than the average teenager after qualifying for the Olympics, and that's before adding in the chaos caused by COVID-19 Labels: Coronavirus , Coronavirus Pandemic , COVID-19 , Health , News , Olympic , Olympics , Pandemic I've been competing in youth competitions in the US and internationally since then and have won 10 American youth titles and 2 World Youth titles. “And we’re only helping. Focused, Analytical And Climbing Fast: Whiz Kid Colin Duffy Is Team USA’s Teenage Climbing Sensation 16-Year-Old Colin Duffy Qualifies As Final Member Of U.S. Olympic Climbing Team About IFSC Pan-American Championships Qualification Results. First Climbed: Age 4. Colin Duffy. He’s been coaching his sister since February 1. Honor your veteran with a memorial marker or tombstone by Landmark Monuments. Duffy dug deep, finished the route and logged the fastest time. Despite his age, Duffy has already won Youth Worlds twice and has several Youth National titles. A sensation! Colin Duffy is a champion 15-year-old Team USA climber who recently spent a few days at Red River Gorge (RRG) where he sent a number of hard routes. Erbesfield-Raboutou has been coaching Duffy for eight years — nearly his entire climbing career. To this end, 16 year-old Colin Duffy, of Broomfield, has become the fourth and final American climber to earn a ticket to Tokyo. This is Duffy’s first year competing on the adult climbing circuit. Colin was the second male to represent the US Rock Climbing Team. Colin Duffy, 15, on his way to win the Lead Youth B division at the 2018 IFSC Youth World Championship in Moscow.Duffy, who has been a member of Team ABC since 2012, later placed fifth at this year's USA Climbing Combined Invitational. Back in isolation, where competitors wait their turn to climb, a score sheet was posted. Song broke the previous record by over two tenths of a second at the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Chongqing.

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