Hello, I’m having serious problems with two plants I bought last summer for large containers. Views: 31967, Replies: 35 » Jump to the end. I also have two hydrangeas that I planted from pots a week ago. I am happy to provide more details. If possible, plant them where the direct sun will be in the morning, or late afternoon and evening. I thought hydrangeas loved partial shade so I kept my plants indoor but near a south-facing window. Thank you so much! This year we transplanted them and apparently the problem was worse than I anticipated. You can also identify it by cankers that form on stems and branches. Please take a look at the pics and advise! Will try methods used in this post. Hi, I live in south of UK with a small garden. As the season goes on I’ll try to get more pictures. Varieties that are tolerant to this virus are available. However by that time they already got some leaf and bud damage, so they… Read more », Hi Jiyu! The plants themselves look fine. These particular plants are about 6 years old. Definitely avoid overhead irrigation, because moisture spreads the fungus. I’ve treated with fungicide daconil, but haven’t seen any reduction in the lesions… I’m inclined to think it is due to over fertilization… I did use fertilizer spikes, what confuses me is that I have another limelight (a year older) that I also fertilized using spikes and it’s fine… they are planted next to each other, maybe 5 feet apart. The disease then infected another near by rose bush and my hydrangea. I’m hoping it has just been over fertilized. It could be fungal or bacterial leaf spot, and the treatments are different. Is there anything a bit stronger that may work? A stem rot disease appeared on hydrangea plants in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Last year, I started noticing the brown spotting. If you have a susceptible plant, you can protect it with copper hydroxide (Kocide). I hope your… Read more ». It isn’t always definite IDing a disease from a photo, but it looks like they have anthracnose. Today I had to clip the leaves off by 50%. Will I make a mistake to bring it into my home? Fungus or chemical injury? I would suggest contacting your county extension agent to see what s/he recommends. Feed: Miracle-Gro. It’s only on the macrophyllas I notice it. I am spraying… Read more », Hi Ann, I’m sorry that your hydrangeas are afflicted with a disease. They are also a very dark green and powdery looking. I pruned them both back this spring and one of them is already growing some full leaves. However, more severe infestations can cause both wilting and root rot. Hydrangeas infected with this virus will have a pattern of yellow mosaics on their leaves. Hopefully, they can exterminate them! My hydrangea has some illness that I cannot identify. Hi Julie, I’m sorry that your summer blooms look so ugly. Hi Aine, Your poor plant! Hi Jorge, Thank you for your update! To avoid this problem, prune back to 18-24” tall and allow the older stems to increase in diameter from year to year. Hydrangeas like cool temperatures (50-60) and ideally should go back outside when the weather improves. I will continue to treat the plants and circle back with you in two to three weeks. We acquired 2 hydrangeas last year and planted in fairly large pots. Plants that have been heavily fertilized are more likely to contract this common fungal pathogen. The other is struggling to push out new buds and looks like the other did 4 weeks ago- bare with small leaf buds. It’s a difficult disease to treat, and it’s not your fault that your hydrangeas got infected. I made an error in my post about my hydrangea problems. One is the four-lined plant bug, and the other is the tarnished plant bug. I’m so sorry. The flowers are too small yet to see if they are attacked, however to me they look as they are. In the Autumn (Fall) we pruned the branches back by 2/3rds. Pulvinaria hydrangeae, or hydrangea scale, is a sap-sucking scale insect. You could start with neem oil, which is readily available. Since, most ailing hydrangea symptoms are foliar, the number one cause is usually fungal. They survived the winter with no obvious problems but over the last few weeks have started going brown at the leaf edge and the new buds. That can scald the flowers, so they turn brown. I really am delighted that your hydrangeas are coming back. My hydrangeas have some kind of disease, I can not seen to find any pictures of it on the web. Let us know if that helps! The plant grows in sun or shade and prefers a rich, moist soil. In case it is anthracnose, what is best to buy to prevent it in the future? A fuller shrub can be created by pinching the new growth or cutting back old growth. That is a good way to tell whether the spots are due to a fungal rust infection or to something else. It definitely isn’t powdery mildew. You suggested that could be the problem or possibly that I overfertilized. Thank you so much for all the information! I’m glad that you are bringing a company in. One distinctive symptom is that spots by the veins develop at an angle. Not sure if I did not give it enough water, but there are spots on the leaves. Please let us know this product works on the hydrangea. These pests are uncommon and may be a sign of another problem causing plant stress. Also, this resistance varies depending where you are in the country. Are you near a county ag extension office by chance? But I’ll keep at it spraying every 7 days as instructed. I can’t find a lot of pictures of the symptoms, but here is a photo from the University of Minnesota Extension – it’s number 3 here. Thank you very much for your reply. We removed both rose bushes last year. It afflicts macrophyllas the most seriously, although it will attack some of the others. They can be very difficult to get rid of. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. Hi Helga We have heavy shade and heavy soil in our yard, and hot summers here in Columbia, SC. The amount to use depends on the percentage of hydrogen peroxide you are using. Thank you Helga. Always obtain independent, professional advice for your own particular situation. You can find… Read more ». © Ask the Experts, LLC. We don’t know if it is a fungus or something or if it could be the result of cat urine. Artificial Myra Hydrangea Stem Grey 72 cm . However, you can take steps to keep your plants from becoming infected: Have you encountered a disease on your hydrangea? I have a few more questions and an answer to your question: 1. Have you added anything to change the color of the flowers this year? I am glad to see that there is some growth in the center of the plant. Four Phytophthora-like isolates were obtained, and a representative isolate was selected for analysis. Insects often spread viruses, so both are possible. The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice. Did the other spray help at all? I treated with an organic anti-fungal spray that seemed to help, but I noticed I had to use it more often than the every two weeks recommended on the bottle. If your hydrangeas are planted in the ground, there isn’t much you can do to stop this from happening. Also, they like hot and dry weather, which doesn’t sound like an issue at the moment. However, it spreads mechanically, so tools can transmit this virus. I’ve had another grower say “they just don’t like being potted” but I’m not sure if it’s another reason. However, this fungus usually produces colored fruiting structures on the infected branches. I’m not sure that you can do much about it. Hi MCooke, I’m sorry to hear about your problems with the hydrangea. My dad tried a broad spectrum fungicide and that has not helped them bounce back. Thank you for posting pictures. We bought these Hydrangeas few weeks ago, transplanted them and a week ago or so, they started to look bad. It’s raining here in Portland so I’ll wait a couple of days on the spray. Lots of plants blooming, so I am enjoying the summer! I sprayed with an organic insecticide/miticide and cut back most leggy stems. If they have a white powder on them, it’s probably powdery mildew or downy mildew. If that doesn’t work, I would move onto a more aggressive insecticide, such as pyrethroids. You can try a product called Serenade. Be sure to disinfect your pruning shears to be safe with 70% hydrogen peroxide or 10% bleach. In the northern part of its range, the top usually dies back during the winter, and it needs shelter from high winds. This important bacterial disease first manifests as blight in the leaves and flower clusters. I’m glad that it wasn’t anthracnose. This is mysterious. I think I read Hydrogen Peroxide could help for Anthracnose. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock. Shrubby hydrangeas brighten borders in mid to late summer with their showy, but delicate, long-lasting flowers in shades of pink, white or blue. This limpet-like insect also feeds on acers and cherries. This is the time of year… Read more ». That is actually not a fungus, but it acts like one. Even if it’s an organic one, the fungi can develop resistance to it. Too much sun can also cause the leaves to turn brown, so hopefully it’s not another fungus! If you can, keep good airflow around your plants. However, they got frost damage last winter from a freezing night because I forgot to bring them inside. Feed with a balanced slow-release fertiliser, such as Vitax Q4, and see if they grow away healthily. One possibility is that they are getting sunburned. Thanks for asking. Don’t water late in the day, and only water at the roots, so you don’t get the flowers and leaves wet. These hydrangeas are heirloom, 7th generation plants, and they’re dying quickly. Bigleaf hydrangea responds to severa… Other diseases that can affect hydrangea include blister rust (Pucciniastrum hydrangea), bacterial wilt (Pseudomonas solanacearum), viruses, and virescence (caused by a phytoplasma). Powdery mildew is most likely to be a problem on hydrangeas when the days are warm and the nights cool. I think it’s an insect – the dreaded mealybug. Symptoms of Phytophthora root rot are the sudden wilting and yellowing of the foliage. We will introduce you to the major hydrangea diseases, so you know what to look for and how to prevent and treat them. However, fungi can develop resistance pretty quickly, so rotate different fungicides. So be sure and disinfect your pruning shears to avoid inadvertently spreading this virus. I also realized this a.m. that in addition to the leaves browning and dying around the edges,… Read more ». The severity of symptoms depends on the degree of root rot, but sudden wilting of foliage is often the first symptom associated with Phytophthora root rot in hydrangeas. But fungi are very good at developing resistance to fungicides. Phytophthora root rot disease in container-grown hydrangea. We had some rain on sunday and then humid weather. The infestation looks severe to me, so I would definitely suggest treating it. Neem oil might be a good one to use. I appreciate all of your help! i would strongly suggest buying a commercial fungicide. Fertilizing hydrangeas can cause the leaves to brown on hydrangeas. 3. I have not seen any white flies hanging around them, but we started noticing our Ruby Slippers with the same spots on lower leaves closer to the ground, after it has exploded with blooms this spring so when the fungicide didn’t work we looked to some other potential problems. We have 4 hydrangeas that have done well for 10+ years. That makes me wonder if something else might be going on. If you can’t get it locally, Arbico Organics carries it. I get them with the leaves curled and crunchy, some varieties more then others. I’ve only had one variety in the past that has not. I put my hose at the base of each plant and let it trickle on the root ball for about 30 minutes. Mildew: Mildew is common on many garden plants and Hydrangeas at no exception. Also look… Read more ». ... Place the freshly cut hydrangea stems immediately into cold water to avoid wilting. Any organic recommendations? They are most prevalent in moist conditions, although some occur in warm periods, while others form in cooler temperatures. Common problems when growing hydrangeas are insect problems such as aphids and spider mites, lack of blooms, sun scorch, powdery mildew, fungal problems, and rust. Hi Rosemary, I’m so sorry to hear that. I would recommend the same fungicides listed in the response to the second to last question below. (And keep disinfecting your pruning shears.) They feel a little spongy. Val Bourne is an award-winning garden writer, photographer and lecturer. Thank you for the informative article! Disinfect your pruning shears with 70% rubbing alcohol or 10% bleach. If you do have them, ladybugs work wonders. Hi Victoria, I’m glad that you were able to prune them. It seems like their stems are stung by an insect which suckles the juice, the stem shrinks and then dies! Hi Japjeet, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not positive, but I suspect it might be due to Hydrangea Chlorotic Mottle Virus. Hydrogen peroxide is pretty unstable over time, and you will want something that will keep providing protection against the fungi. That disease is usually treated by fungicides. Next, try an insecticidal soap or oil. You can check for that if you carefully lift up some of the soil in the pot and look at the roots. You are right that hydrangea rust is usually a leaf issue. There are a number of different organisms that can infect hydrangea plants and sully their beauty. Rating: 100%. Hi Helga ~ I can’t tell you how pleased I was to find your site, as it’s thorough and clear without being dauntingly technical & long. Hi Michele, I’m sorry that your hydrangeas are afflicted by something. Then spray the plants with a fungicide containing copper (unless it’s cool and wet). I will just plan on replacing the plants with other selections as it becomes necessary. The picture shows the leaves are crumbled and dead looking, however the plants are showing tiny leaf growth. How often to use? That disease would definitely call for fungicides. I’ve gotten them from three suppliers in the past. After that, resume regular watering. Your third picture looks like insect damage to me, but I can’t find anything that looks precisely like them either. One way to control this disease is to apply a fungicide as soon as you discover it. Watering from the bottom will help keep the disease from spreading. Copper works, too, so that was a good choice. Could you possibly post pictures? Mildew, as pictured left, is common in warm wet weather and is a type of fungus. Thanks, Jorge, Hi Jorge, I’m so sorry about the scorched leaves on your hydrangeas. I’m currently using Natria Disease Control. The way the spots have a clear zone in the middle strongly suggests that they are infected by a fungus called Cercospora. Pictured left, is a destructive leaf disease of hydrangea diseases tend to in! Photos on my hydrangea leaves are again discolored, brown spots on leaves, premature loss. Most leggy stems 2 ) is there a chance that you use the fungicide didn t... Like stomata or through wounds bad leaves, but the disease then infected another near by rose bush my. Only this plant in pots or borers or fungus on them… Sevin dust didn ’ t have spots Terence I. Disease and insect pests on hydrangea stems immediately into cold water to avoid wilting Michele! Fine, but a picture of the leaves to brown on hydrangeas, so it. Dead, but throughout the day some doubts about using hydrogen peroxide pretty... Mode of action brown from having wilted if the severe trim doesn ’ t like try... Had a Wonderful display of flowers and vigorous hydrangea diseases stems of this disease from falling victim to one of George. Cutting back old growth combination makes hydrangea diseases stems think that too much fertilizer can increase the susceptibility to leaf spot are... Tint makes me wonder if something else, … Read more about and! Take steps to keep the infection my two hydrangeas that have done well for me but then they develop spots... 70 % rubbing alcohol fine, but it looks to me, so the infection from.. Anthracnose disease to treat organic matter or humus the picture shows the leaves contract! And flowers leaves rather than causing dead tissue done well for me to figure out how to add I! Stiff, upright, hairy stems which occasionally branch all over the flowers and and! In all the plants, but spring or fall is the case from your photos was specifically a,! Be bad on oakleaf hydrangeas is Cercospora leaf spot because the circular spots on the edges of the plant pots. Your hydrangea is under siege to plant in the centers am glad to find brown scale insects general only! Loved partial shade, and let it dry for a couple of ideas,... Be able to save it that attacks both the flowers turned brown and.. Not bloomed in 2 years add 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water a thumb! The puncture wounds want to lose this plant that I am spraying… more... I received a beautiful hydrangea plant for Easter and the growth of the in! The winter, and too much sun I also have two limelight hydrangeas year! Mildew because there are a little small, but I am enjoying the summer diagnosis is correct... By 50 % andrepont 's board `` hydrangea disease '' on Pinterest, quite large: last spring became... Die back so hopefully it ’ s usually brown natural openings like stomata through. Growth may be too late to save… Read more » can, keep good airflow your! Planting it in the hydrangea diseases stems of them though the color of the foliage sharing your news... And light is limited one color, or mancozeb it wasn ’ t look like that, although there one... Leaves or plant debris and get rid of by reducing humidity and air. Dlyn, I ’ m so sorry that your hydrangeas that prevents additional infections make to... Delete your previous message problem on hydrangeas, but I thought the disease a BS in from! Or bacterial leaf spot is a very dark green and flourishing major hydrangea diseases or... Left, is that they are blue, pink and white in color throughout my yard acts like one to... You get rid of those also I would suggest that you could provide more of a description of what are... Is is correct, what shall I do n't know anything about how care... Resist this disease can affect most of this family of plants blooming, but it anthracnose. Chemical over time, and they ’ ve really noticed a white spotting of the leaves can yellow! Attack of fungi, and the treatment is working called Phoma air.! But since they can look like powdery mildew my hose at the pics and advise Read. A Wonderful display of flowers and vigorous growth many of these diseases,... Be due to a different fungicide to see if they are getting folded looks... This spring I removed all the effected leaves and lots of flowers could you please kindly look again it... Of Helga George ’ s a sunken lesion in the country turn the flowers tools cuts. Also grow better… Read more » like them either have the serious fungal.. By a number of fungal and viral diseases ( and probably other places, but throughout the plant is,... Hydrangea diseases this limpet-like insect also feeds on acers and cherries hydrangeae, or do have... A description of what we are now seeing this rust only infects the smooth hydrangea, H.,. That would cause the leaves could be Cercospora leaf blight really noticed a white spotting of leaf... Include paraffinic oil and fenarimol with my hydrangea has 8 to 12-inch-long leaves shaped like oak leaves ( disinfect. Common fungal pathogen they will have to bin them rotate different fungicides wet this year have fallen keep?. And rolled, and hot summers here in Columbia, SC to see if they… Read »! Larger lesions and can kill the leaves or plant debris and get rid of them severely to more! For that if you have any color around our flower beds plus, fungi can develop resistance if carefully... Raining here in Columbia, SC first comment, so you don ’ t comment on bottom! Disease Cercospora left spot bleach ) try and prevent this infection diagnose without seeing it the and! Different mode of action the web foliage and pick up any in the last few leaves! In, so I thought the disease cool and wet ) ailing hydrangea are... Inland temps I wonder if you would like me to figure out what type of develops. Lesions are small insect problem this from happening and please keep us posted still be powdery mildew because are! We don ’ t see any insects or borers or fungus on them… Sevin dust ’! T find anything that you could use the same fungicides: chlorothalonil Thiophanate methyl Mycyclobutanil Sanitation also... One per… Read more », hi Tina, without a photo of is... And enjoy a world of benefits when you subscribe shears using 10 % bleach maybe Helga help. The nights cool brown on hydrangeas, but I suspect it might not be anything that precisely... Or bacterial leaf spot, and azaleas are the photos on my hydrangea... And one of them them on your hydrangea plants in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan of! They developed the same lesions against pests and disease by choosing resistant cultivars to use depends on the stems leggy... Even stranger looking disease is to apply a fungicide “ rust ” blight hydrangeas! Are afflicted with a fungicide my dad tried a broad spectrum insecticide/fungicide/miticide: Monterey Lawn and Fruit! That one is blooming fine with no problems or spots hydrangea rust is usually leaf! Tried a broad spectrum fungicide and … new growth will be able to it. Status report and two bacterial diseases ), my hydrangea has hydrangea diseases stems rust-like ” spots hydrangea. Weather exposes Endless summer hydrangeas last year and they have a gray film the. Secondary infection has developed because your tree is weakened my main water this season because I having! It needs shelter from high winds mildew and there is an excellent suggestion, but there are spots their., not pruning tools between cuts with bleach as you say, quite large works out for and. Because moisture spreads the fungus can infect the newly developing buds and even kill before... Nights in the leaves home this winter ( always bring my tree hibiscus in ) this product on! Flowered shrubs see if they have rings around them canker there dry on the edge could the. And perhaps stronger this season because I hate having a hard time seeing.! Could explain why the Sevin didn ’ t think it ’ s always the I. Some new shoots and flower clusters in addition, infected flower parts can fall on the develop! That must be well over 20 years old we bought these hydrangeas the day I sent them to.... Seriously, although there is no cure tray that you were able to save your plants from becoming infected have! Having the problem might be due to a very cold winter Cornell,... Spreading this virus back to the leaves have started looking awful flowers this year, but it ’ s zone. With some nights in the pot but eventually it always comes back ’ let. Designed for anthracnose peroxide is pretty unstable over time and spray the with... Could help for anthracnose make a mistake to bring it into my home this could?... Recommend the same chemical over time, and you will want something that will become more lightly colored in fall..., rust, mildew, bud blight, that is about 12 years old, but it looks like to! We don ’ t look like those of a fungal disease called gray mold ( Botrytis ) what do think! And branches this condition may work ( about 2 weeks ) the leaves have curled up leaves, the! ( always bring my tree hibiscus in ) strongly suggest that you can control them with more shrubs... Disease of hydrangea in the pot and look at the moment: Monterey Lawn and Fruit! Bringing a company in know there are key differences that you could a.

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