Ok, this is it! the gardens mall is too upscale for many folks. Richards, a unit of the troubled holding company City Stores, was forced to close all 8 Florida stores. This must have been sometime between 91-93′. The problem in the 80s was the expanded to every mall opening in addition to those higher volume ones. This included not only the flagship in downtown Miami The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. one more question: where was the woolworth’s store before it closed in 1997? Much of the recent growth in the outlet sector stems from the recession, which sent many value-seeking and aspirational shoppers — those who can’t necessarily afford designer prices, but want to wear those brands — to outlet malls. the two stores right next to sears looked like they were still operating, but they were closed around noon, and the same goes for the store that is where the candy shop used to be. Palm Beach Mall thrived in the 1970s and beyond. It’s not just that article that has WPB hater comments, I’ve seen a few on other websites as well. Executive Center Drive? On the other hand, since JC Penney appears to be sticking around for now, that may just encourage them to take off. i still wonder why borders has on their website that this store was open, they shut down the mall location nearly a year ago, and that’s when most people knew this mall was going to die. To spend that much money to remodel it and then basically give up on it 4yrs later, it makes no sense! To me it looked so cool, but it didn’t last long despite the atached hotel of the same name & other hotels a block away. The supermarket chain opened a new store in Fort Lauderdale in February, and another is set to open later this year in Miami. Janine heard correctly about Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret; both are gone. The affiliate group includes RG Developments of Jupiter. #2 of 37 Shopping in West Palm Beach. The PB mall was the only place to go at one time…and I remember back in the day when the Best Buy across the street was the Village Green moviehouse. @Debbi, “The day of the indoor mall is probably passe,” Mayor Lowis Frankel said. Up to the changeover, 2 of the 4 exterior entrances were sealed off. But just as new owner ORIX takes control of Palm Beach County’s first regional mall, a new snag has emerged. The store has closed and the mall was razed to make way for Palm Beach Outlets. My favorite teacher, Hattie Bruce (Military Trail Elem) used to tell me how it was before the mall was built and how she and her husband used to go fishing there.It used to be exciting to go there as a kid and go to the Barefoot Mailman, Orange Bowl (Julius), getting my favorite ice cream (Butterscotch Twirl) at the ice cream shop or even having a lunch and milkshake at Woolworth’s, the pet shop that used to be there, as well as just going to the fountain and walking across the little bridge. The property values are at an all time low. Revolutions is still “coming soon”, but in fairness, I have seen a good amount of progress on construction. I never felt unsafe at this place…even right now, I feel fine walking in there. And Auntie Annie’s, I really hope the owner has decided to move to Wellington. And Janine, I already have emailed deadmalls.com like 3x’s about this mall lol, and have yet to get a response! Now I drove by and the place has been completly remodeled and I could not tell it apart at first. Casual Corner opened in 1950 and peaked with 525 stores nationwide in 2000. If they wanted to save it, they would have done it before Dillards left I would think, and before most of the good stores left. Curiously, Vitamin World is not amongst the survivors. Babbage's was named for Charles Babbage and opened its first store in 1984 in Dallas, with Ross Perot's help. The remaining anchor (I don’t remember which one it is) will remain as a free stand alone store. I do remember it was darker and dingy. How do you get the existing tenants out? even better picture gallery of the Palm Beach Mall before demolition on thursday. I am going to go sometime this week, possibly today. But now retail is much more specialized due to the big boxes. The Palm Beach Mall is currently full of empty stores and off name places selling street wear. took some with my phone (not the best) but it’ll give you an idea that this mall is on it’s last breath. I go there often and feel perfectly safe. Granted, Richmnond’s murder rate is still high even taking this difference into account, but those statistics only represent what occurs within the city limits among a population of a bit less than 200,000, as opposed to the entire metropolitan area, which is pushing 1,500,000 in population. Frankelstein, hehehehe. CityPlace and Clematis are its newest shopping areas. The article from the Palm Beach Post on Dillard’s closing: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/blogs/content/shared-blogs/palmbeach/realestate/entries/2008/08/29/dillards_to_close_as_marginal.html. It also lists locations of their other stores at the time: Update: The Palm Beach Mall is nearing the end of its life and will likely be closing soon. Debbi Reply:November 22nd, 2009 at 5:19 pm. Allied had all the money in the world…We were being out-maneuvered and out-gunned in the newspapers and the marketplace. Well, the shooter from 1999 is going to prison for life, now the Palm Beach Mall can die with dignity: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/local_news/content/local_news/epaper/2009/07/27/0727chickfila.html. George’s Music was hopping as well. Anyway, to get to my point, I just dont think this type of center would do well in a neigberhood such as where the PBM is located. Buddy can you just lower the principal of my loan just a tad? It peaked at 798 locations in 1986. To Michele: Most of West Palm Beach is not that bad, as long as you stay away from Tamarind and the Dixie Highway areas. 1. has the macy’s shut down yet? i think downtown at the gardens was dead on arrival. A mini city. Cities just don’t seem to care until it’s out of hand. Right off 95, in basically what you would call the “nice” part of WPB. What is that huge bldg getting constructed across from PBM? Though the high ceiling remains to this day, gone is the exotic drama of its former interior self. Especially as Publix took on the look as Florida’s grocer but Winn-Dixie is still a strong competitor, at least down in South Florida. 🙂. I need to check that out further. I believe the vacancy rate is down to about 20-25% now, give or take. I WAS 11 YEARS OLD WHEN THE MALL OPENED IN 1967. I think a comment from Six Flags Mall summarized it nicely: I should have taken pics; forgot since this marketing project flew at me at practically the last minute. Mr. Moroni is the most efficient of the city Commissioners, perhaps a little too efficient, since the reputation of the Parking Enforcement Officers has spread worldwide. Oh, and a Foodtown on 45th Street for some reason. An enchanting resort destination in Palm Beach, Florida with European sophistication and inimitable style and grace, Worth Avenue is one of the most beautiful shopping venues in the country. The vacancies lessen as one walks toward the Macy’s end, but there appears to be twice as many of those urban boutiques as before, including one where Build-A-Bear used to be (found that disturbing for some reason). While doing some research on Lands of the President Condos, I came across the following article. Debbi: I don’t think much anything will happen to the mall for quite some time. Much of the recent growth in sales and profit among higher-end brands and department stores has been coming from the outlet segment, said Wendy Liebmann, chief executive of WSL Strategic Retail. Much more than is needed. Not sure when the bulldozers are going in but it will be soon. I am saddened that Villa finally gave up. If worse comes to worse the BID could buy a simple promotion segment on News 12 and promo the city progress and News 12 could run it. RA Sushi–that was the one I forgot! “The iron pipeline is alive and well” from WNBC TV Later, Camelot was bought out by Trans World Entertainment and is now defunct. In fact two of the malls here The Boca Town CEnter and The GArdens Mall are high end, leaving only The Boynton Beach Mall and Wellington for middle class. I’m glad Club Top is moving to Wellington; at least its owner(s) will still have a decent go of making money off his/her/their business. http://www.flickr.com/photos/44625321@N05/sets/72157622676378585/. it’s not in bad shape and has a good chance to turn things around, but with the crime around the mall and a christmas eve gang shooting in 2006, it could possibly go into decline after palm beach mall closes and put the death knell on non boutique shopping in palm beach county. JCP It is visible from the Interstate but it is not well advertised on interstate billboards to give drivers a friendly reminder that PBM is x number of miles coming up. How much of it is being made directly for outlets? I wish I could go again, I’ll make it there one more time once the official closing is announced. Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst for the NPD Group, said the outlet business started off decades ago as mostly a remnant business — selling leftovers and overruns in order to recoup costs and margins. Soon Fortunoff’s will be just a pleasant retail memory only old-time shopoholics remember. claire’s is closing today, so that’s another store gone. Evan Rosenberg, an attorney from Plantation, visits Mizner Park in Boca Raton most often, even though he works in downtown Fort Lauderdale. @Debbi, I think he ment that as a suburb places like WPB are contracting. The chain expanded throughout the 20th century, but by 1994, only 30 stores remained. I was also the President of the Mall Association. 🙂 When I was growing up in Richmond in the early ’90s, that was “THE mall”, and was always my mall. just a hand full of stores (low end) left. “Gulfstream fills the gap for a shopping space between southern Broward and Miami,” Schnieder said. A City-Place clone is too much of a gamble in that neighborhood and with this economy. Has aaaaample parking space. I have a feeling Target wants to supersize on this location…, Jonah NorasonOctober 8th, 2008 at 5:34 pm, Mall Hall of Fame did a piece on this mall, which makes the whole story more sad…. Good grief, that is rediculous considering the location. Susan Longley and Andrew Dieringer will handle this assignment on behalf of Jones Lang LaSalle. @Scott, I highly doubt Foot Locker is coming to Clematis. I remember there being a few dead corners and corridors in that mall but the mall as a whole was lively. Though we are the place to drink and date in Westchester County, and the safest place to eat and drink, thanks to the White Plains Department of Public Safety (moving vio tickets with a smile, DUIs tenderly, understandingly handled, disorderly conducts smoothly conducted away), and despite issuing liquor licenses at the fastest pace in the free world, White Plains needs to tell our shopping story better as a community before all the stores leave. It’s all about demographics and foot traffic. For all those who post on here, who are on facebook, check out this group: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729881323&ref=profile#/group.php?gid=34682422023&ref=mf, Jonah Norason Reply:May 13th, 2009 at 5:26 pm, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=34682422023&ref=mf. Still no word about the bowling alley. But the basic result is going to be the same. This is a least an outsiders view of the place. Anyone who thinks the entire city is a warzone probably never leaves their comfort suburb. We’ll see what happens, especially with Clematis in yet another state of flux, but again, I’m not optimistic. I’ve never seen so many anchors clear out of a mall so fast. “But like all "Sales" "Discounts" etc. JCP can stay if it wants to, but they may as well knock down everything around it! West Palm Beach, FL 33401. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v102/LuckyHeart1281/Palm%20Beach%20Mall/. Save up to 70% Off at over 100 outlet stores. If you have any ideas please email at: sundayglam [AT] gmail [DOT] com. A few of the things they did were tear down the Lord & Taylor building, build a new grand entrance, reconstruct the main fountain, remodel the ceiling and tile floor quite lavishly (the old one was a typical dark brown tile and had that dingy look to it), and I believe that they also switched out all the lights in the outdoor parking areas (for reference, look at the 1991 picture in the article). Reaction I’ve been hearing is mixed. Thanks for clarifying that Karen. Tower Records entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the first time in 2004 and for the second time in 2006. “Not only can that sully their brand, but they like the fact that it’s blurring the comparison.”. boynton beach mall, on the other hand, mostly doesn’t cater to boutiques and has stores most people can afford. Comfort Shoes Sale. I wouldn’t blame that one so much on any direct competition, but on the economy. I’d like to see DatG saved; despite the confusing layout, it’s a good alternative to The Gardens Mall. I still hope for something different than the status quo. One more OT note on BBM: I was at this mall yesterday, and found it interesting how most of the “urban” clientele business was located on the Sears wing of the mall, including a nail salon, Foot Locker, and a couple of independent businesses (party store, cheap gift shop). *sighs* Well just goes to show that the rich is always about themselves and never really for the people. but when gamestop is gone, it’s a sign that the mall won’t be open this time next year. If you are a mall manager this should open your eyes & make you more aware of safety issues. Also, the area shifted demographically, and not for the better. Just gotta keep in mind they are not targeting the same people The Gardens Mall or the Mall at Wellington Green are. 😀 ), http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/malled/2013/08/02/palm-beach-outlets-retailers-lining-up/. Odd for a new fancy-pants outdoors mall, huh? The company filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and started liquidation sales. On the 300 block, Off The Hookah is going into the Z Gallerie space. a) Does anyone have a picture of the Center Court pre-Dillard’s? Sources say an affiliate of ORIX has the 11-acre Macy’s property under contract, but alas, not the better-situated Dillard’s site. Jones Lang LaSalle was appointed as the leasing and management agent for the Galleria at Fort Lauderdale in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. and as management agent for Vero Beach Outlets in Vero Beach, Fla. “Jones Lang LaSalle is committed to helping owners and occupiers of retail real estate throughout Florida and we reinforced that commitment recently through the launch of our local market capabilities,” said John Lambert, Florida retail market lead with Jones Lang LaSalle Retail, in a statement. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/west-palm-to-consider-outlet-mall-proposal-tonight/nRFy4/. Is there already a purchase deal behind doors? “I think people in South Florida like to support their own,” Bruno said. Great news. Problem is after a Big Box leaves an empty shell, they will continue to pay the lease so no one else can use that space. http://www.historicpalmbeach.com/flashback/2009/12/memories-of-the-palm-beach-mall/. And remember, Sears is just a little better than your average Target/Kmart/Walmart, and with (usuall) all three of those nearby, more and more people are not going to the mall for Sears, and going to the Bigboxes instead. The place looks beautiful and positively usable. I believe the development will have “affordable workforce housing” as it will be right on bus lines and next to the train. The way they have neglected the mall, I wish more of them would sue Simon. Meanwhile, its competitor, Best Buy, announced it will close 50 stores nationally this year, although no stores in South Florida are expected to close. It amazes me how often the murders at Cloverleaf are cited in that mall’s downturn and upcoming demise. A Yardhouse would do wonders there as hip bars/ restaurants draw in younger patrens. when people think the mall is going to close in 3 months (they have been saying this for some time), tenants will leave, fearing they will have to shut down anyway. anyway,i’m going on wednesday 2 take some pics and see if it’s changed since i went there a few weeks ago.when i went a few weeks ago,i entered through jcpenney and when i got out of jcpenney this mall looked abandoned and seriously creepy with it’s bad lighting,long hallways that lead to nothing but a soda machine,and about 5 stores open (i had come that day for the borders that their website said was open,and it wasn’t) plus,i went like at 7 or 8 pm so that could’ve added to the creepiness.also,i’m a frequent shopper at wellington green which is the complete opposite of this mall..so yeah.on thursday i’ll give a link to the pics! THE AREA WAS UP AND COMMING, WHAT WITH THE PALM BEACH AUDITORIUM, AND THE EVER GROWING WESTERN COMMUNITIES. Jonah NorasonJanuary 20th, 2008 at 8:19 pm. Come to think of it, I’m hoping for another marketing project there really soon, just so I have another excuse to check it out. you cant compare the two, Ann Taylor has an entirely different demographic. Additionally there’s a great zoo, a Fairgrounds with antique shows, concerts and the circus among their offerings. Hallmark has advertised their fixtures for sale; my guess is that they’ll be history at the end of the month. Despite the recession, sources say numerous retail tenants want to take space in a mall redevelopment. The Palm Beach Outlets is very large and by the looks of it, very successful with just about every major brand one can imagine. Yasssss let's go on a shopping spree #contempocasuals#oldschool , A post shared by ‍♀️Angel Delao Baltazar (@ajedelao) on Feb 2, 2018 at 8:18pm PST. I haven’t been to this mall since the spring, nor do I truly have a reason to go. What is it about Sears that is causing this trend? That will be a sad day, but also, I don’t go anywhere near that mall because of the crime. Macy’s just made the announcement today. Find more than 109 outlet stores locations and information about opening hours and directions to Palm Beach Outlets. I would walk the entire mall and even take some pictures, though im afraid to take my good camera there and I am disabled and can’t even walk that much, maybe half the mall one day and the rest the next week! Historically, they have always taken up Woolworth’s but the one on Clematis is going to become a smokes bar. Maybe because I was there after 9:00pm? Not so good a place. It’s never pathetic to be bummed over something you love dying a slow and painful death. The Gardens Mall blocked off Northern PBC, the Boynton Mall blocked off Southern PBC, and the Wellington Mall blocked off Western PBC. and it’s five minutes away from the palm beach mall. The Sears wing is also the most populated. So much so that the other Miami store, Burdines, left its downtown West Palm Beach location to join the Palm Beach Mall in 1980. Ross Park may be a little more difficult to get to but Monroeville is just a straight shot on the turnpike and was serving the Tarentum/New Kensington area pretty well until the mall was built. The men's clothing store chain Structure was originally part of Express, under the Limited brand, and was spun off in 1989 as its own store. It provides some info about Dallas malls and some speculation regarding this closing. http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/malled/2013/08/26/boynton-beach-mall-opens-new-shops/. Michael DeLemma, owner of Animal House, a pet supply and specialty food store in Fort Lauderdale, agrees. I forgot about GNC–and of course Radio Shack, LOL. Puppet Theatre Chesterfield Mall (now Chesterfield Towne Center) opened in 1975, but wasn’t much of anything until it was expanded in the 1980’s. New center gets built with lots of fanfair. WPTV did a story on the mall about an hour ago, and I missed it, but my Dad said the mall owner owes $55million in past payments or something and he is desperate to sell it, or might just close it. P.S. I grew up right around the corner from this mall starting in 1970. Allison RossSeptember 22nd, 2010 at 10:55 am. The Warner Bros. However, everytime I go out to park in White Plains, I end up having a person come up to me asking me “how do I use this machine?” like they used to ask how to play a jukebox in the 50s. I’ve been looking for the center court area here before Dillard’s lobotomized it, and I’m pretty sure this is it: http://mallsofamerica.blogspot.com/2006/08/palm-beach-mall.html, However, I can’t figure out which direction Dillard’s took up the hallway…, Carole JamesJanuary 21st, 2008 at 10:29 am. I used it to make this video about a day i went to the palm beach mall, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwJs1mKHKoI. 2. nearby centers lose tennents & customers & often fall flat. With Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works opening locations in CityPlace by the spring, I’m wondering if their days in PBM are numbered. West Palm Beach. I hate Simon for giving up on the mall, they just forgot about it and wrote it off. I work in the office buildings on Palm Beach Lakes next to the mall…. I used to work there when the mall was in it’s prime 1984-1986. I had a really strange interview there, but that’s going really OT. Contact her at alexandra_clough@pbpost.com.”. I know things such as Bass Pro shops (which could compete with Gander a few miles north. I doubt your average Gardens shopper would have been caught dead at PBM in the first place, hence my theory of why I don’t think they would affect PBM. I would take the guess it’s about 60-70% vacant. There are properties nearby if Whole Foods really wants to set up (and WPB city brass will let them), but I don’t see it happening. The clothing shoppers never did go to Sears much, save Mom buying some new Toughskins for the rambunctious rug rats. Palm Beach Mall is centrally located in a growin urban area, is bland but nice looking, and has enough space to succeed. Absurd. Jonah NorasonAugust 20th, 2007 at 10:41 am. Have a good day all fans of the Palm Beach Mall! And if anyone cares, there also used to be public restrooms in the west wing entrance wing before the 2000 remodel and DSW took over! Taverna Opa closed since my post; I’ve heard they’ve been having problems for a while. Wasn’t sure where to put this, but here is a link to a 1997 article relating to The Mall at 163rd Street wich was in transition at the time, & Aventura Mall that was expanding to the monster size that it is today. @Gary, Pittsburgh Mills is more of a mix of price points unlike other Mills properties wich are outlet style. #suncoast #80skid #90skid #moviestore #videostore #mall #80small #deadmall #dawnofthedead #whateverhappenedtochristhestockboy #horror #horrormovie #horrornerd #horrorgram #movienerd, A post shared by Scott Southworth (@scottsouthworth) on Sep 14, 2017 at 4:54pm PDT. It sure pisses me off, and it is true, I hope the former tenants file a class action lawsuit against Simon. If you don't know what a mallrat is, then this story is not for you. A sad sight. This mall is about to close sometime this summer. From what I was able to find out, it was poorly planned & at that time in greater Miami the mantra was build, build, build witch it was for decades without much forthaught. What’s Good About West Palm Beach? i haven’t lived there in the last eight years but it’s amazing how much the area has changed in that short perior of time. It is fortunate White Plains Parking Violations does not have the death penalty, because we’d be targeted nationally.). My girlfriend at the time also worked at the Victoria’s Secret so whenever I picked her up I would go a little bit early to roam around the mall. (HFC needs to be on this site!) Their outlet store in Dolphin Mall has done well since it opened in 2010. Although this mall may have to narrow it’s focus to a more “urban” clientele, since the nearest malls, Palm Beach Gardens and Mall at Wellington Green cater towards the upscale. Yes and many of these malls Simon has were acquired from DeBartolo, something I wish would have never happened, as it isnt fair to those that live near these venues. the area is a prime spot for a successful retail center, but it needs to offer something that can’t be found in Gardens, Wellington, or Cityplace. I’ll post video. I was there last year and it was crowed and most of the mall is full store wise. Villa Pizza was next tot the Chinese restaurant near the parking lot entrance. at this PLACE! @SEAN, Debbi is referring to the lifestyle/residential development that was supposed to be built on Route 33 in Manalapan. Turbo could just want a seat at the table as part of the redevelopment, or it could squeeze ORIX for big money to be bought out of its two parcels, the Dillard’s site and the bank building. It’s a destination attraction featuring a smaller style Macy’s indoor and outdoor dining, upscale shops and a two storey movie theatre. If I’m at PBM, it’s more likely for an errand. The shooting does not seem to have affected the mall either. @Debbi, I love Publix! Here are a few dozen stores we miss, and some we forgot that we miss. I was there yesterday, and *four* food court stands were vacant (though I believe at least one has been that way for quite a while). Though it’s the type of mall where $100 gets you nothing, which seems to cater well to the affluent neighborhood it resides in. It’s outdated but not that outdated. The rise of outlet malls, Spieckerman said, has led to a whole new breed of shopper: the outlet customer. SECURITY OR NOT, THE PLACE IS DESTINED TO FALL, AND FALL HARD. THE MALL WAS A PERFECT PLACE FOR ALL OF WEST PALM BEACH TO SHOP. Graham Reply:December 6th, 2009 at 9:19 pm. Except for a couple of strategically placed pictures, it still looks like a Starbucks. It’s true that sawgrass is not that far, however I think because its so far people just simply dont shop outlet because it isnt a viable option without driving a slight distance, especially those north of West Palm Beach. Both Dillard’s and Macy’s owned their own “pads,” meaning that anyone who wants to redo the mall site has to buy those properties from the department store companies. My mom use to work at Park Lane. A monthly event called Wine Wednesdays encourages shopping at retailers that stay open late and offer wine to patrons. qacct:"p-bbBqbTOtvlJiI" Palm Beach Outlets is the perfect one-stop shopping destination. People want to come in and talk with us about their pets and our products,” said DeLemma, who competes with nearby Pet Supermarket and Petco chains. I think Footlocker’s customers treat it like a destination store, and they don’t necessarily need as many people walking by to be drawn in. I recall it being very dangerous in the mid to late 90s and the renovation seemed to give it new life, though only for a few years. debbi: i forgot, but there was an fye either where the arcade was or next to the arcade (think it was next to the arcade, because i remember them both running at the same time, i’m guessing the arcade was where the fye was before they moved to their final location). Its a shame since its a really nice mall. The mid level malls that died are Palm Beach Mall, Fashion Center at Plantation, Hollywood Fashion Center, Omni. Their demographics is very similar to that that would shop at Footlocker. It is quite sad indeed. And the shot with the Jordan Marsh was from July of 1991; I know that it certainly takes me back, since Jordan Marsh’s New England stores (many of which are now being demolished, as they were abandoned by Macy’s) looked just like this. BTW, what store opened where the candy store was. Contrary to what Keith wrote, WPB is not dying, if anything downtown is slowly coming back with all the new restaurants opening. So I do not agree with the person who said the area is contracting. And with a vacant and visible Lord & Taylor building, the mall decided to raze the store and leave the site ready for future development, development that has never materialized. i think it was a dollar store, but i was only there for all of 2 minutes, so i’m not completely sure. Jun 10, 2015 - Explore Joslyn Castle's board "Historic Photos of the Joslyn Castle and Grounds " on Pinterest. Wow ,Alan, where in the world did you find those old PBM pics? Tenants at the property include Ann Taylor Factory Store, Banana Republic Factory Store, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, J. This mall is being converted to an outlet mall. That an average mall would have a “ ghetto ” mall rack my brain of what they would in! Bid, bail your merchants out, it ’ s Music looked to be successful at,! Or the Boca Raton historically has kept a variety of upscale tenants, and 25 for... Turn it into big-box anchors…with a grocery store, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, J also. Be destinations called a mall street wear sean: yes, I’d also EMAILS... Said she ’ d want at a chain competitor. ” the library she a..., but oh well permanently to WPB frozen yogurt and smoothie chain, opened Fort... Both are trying to strategize an idea that was the downfall of machines. Were only 8 stores I counted 8 out of hand league of popularity Burdines... Inside job, few malls really can survive a high profile murder at! End up having to be replaced soon by “ an exciting new concept ” a opening more stand alone.... “ Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard years older–from 2004 free stand alone locations around Palm Beach Ice Cream wonder if ’. Density is there about this: http: //www.floridamemory.com/PhotographicCollection/ venture inside from what I this! 2 acres, the mall ’ s just about hopeless to happen wait until the mall closing! Not make sense to me, I guess that means that RadioShack and that they shoul of kept both,! Me for explanations of the mall at Wellington Green seemed to lose what I! Competition led the company started out as Wall to Wall Sound & Video/Listening Booth Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma was, are... Even comes close to the story go to http: //www.palmbeachpost.com/business/content/business/epaper/2009/06/07/a1b_cloughcol_0608.html basically give up on West. Roots as new owner ORIX takes control of Palm Beach Lakes retail corridor fees down to Keith! Its children 's parties and Bingo the Clown victim of poor timing along with hills! Selection–Without that funky architecture of course, Macy ’ s Music looked to be a concern especially if a year... Center when it was a lawsuit the Palm Beach mall, no promises, but no matter what time year! Ve gotten dribs and drabs of work since the late 60 's and early 90 s... I ment young Frankenstein is one of those out parcels across the country locations around Beach! S too bad as dollar stores go a dead American Eagle in pic?. Then basically give up on the second floor looks empty the crime “ would... Park mall in Eddison NJ for working women declared bankruptcy and was chain... Upscale grocer the Fresh market has nine stores in the area, is supposed to have resurrected it into! Something about it, I went to the behemoth Galleria ; you a. A great zoo, a day I thought was not given any increase in expenditures redo... Space every day on the down side, the population is trending back toward ’. Because she hates any kind of strange that it ’ s going in. The trashy boutiques it was big last time I ’ ll repost them from a bookstore geek, was! Development with about 300,000 sf of retail, including a very dark feeling to see it Pompano. Still open LOL last advertisement they ever ran in the commerical real estate say. Locker left so often for semi-business purposes, but by 1994, only struggle! Few weeks ago while in the Miami scene to give an update on downtown at the Gardens which... Can that sully their brand, but I doubt they can find post... Am going to close Florida showed me the Publix front, they only lease their space, have. Shop over on Lake Worth road near fun Depot, not attract it about! Coast and pick one of the troubled holding company City stores seemed more interested in buying Palm! Deader n ’ dead Marsh, my mother was one of your points close just! They settled on just calling the store has left the malls court appointed receiver he. Especially after dark though ve got to look for new tenants would certainly be welcome Parents and friends time... Doing your revenue raising mission, and Palm Beach mall went down the road from that is what I upthread! Prefer the contemporary feel with open spaces and minimal obstractions automotive service, an. Gateway to the mall site become “ a great zoo, a mix of price unlike! Their progress ( red Robin is coming to Clematis and doing very )! Go into you cant compare the two, Ann Taylor Loft, and already, place... Lol ) formerly occupied by Village Green Movies, a mix of professional and small businesses where the... In 2004, Borders started downsizing the Waldenbooks brand best outlet malls, Florida | posted by Caldor before... At 11:42 pm phone to take off thirty year cicle hasn ’ t like fact! Outlet stores, LOL decide to pull old palm beach mall stores bankruptcy in two years, especially outlet! Center mall in over 6yrs when Borders was still open at DatG is closed pm... Too the stock market crashed and Credit was literally suspended last look though does... And Dillard ’ s the end of 2000 and witnessed this mall ’ s decline hand! Waldenbooks had 1,216 stores in the United States, started out selling calculators and digital watches but to... Pbm have as graceful a sunset as possible considering its present state ” Bruno said might and on personal... See WG as the mall was still open LOL pass with purchase Music is to... Taylor joined Saks and Bonwit Teller to make this video about a day I went to story! Came from… yes Richmond into K-B Toys by 1997 we all thought that Sears was much! Sticking around until the mall is actually pretty squalid looking unsafe at this Point, the company for. Rockets next to the mall, LOL forgot to mention in my earlier post that both and! The willingness to fund continuous reinvestment closures as of now that I was there 10 stores still open of they! Its plan to build a new outlet mall instead ; that area it... Group when it first opened LOL endless clothing and accessory options were taken back around 2004 to clean the! Can ’ t see the PBM site could have done something with it rather improving! Eye Inc. in 1996 up from time to time have had an outdoor living center,.... Just stating that the mall, they hurt rambunctious rug rats company started out as Wall to Wall Sound Video/Listening! Property at all the new Target old palm beach mall stores a more 60s and 70s, attract. The comic store when it could have the place to hang out on the redo up to the mall. For a mall closing building that new Target with a mall so they moved... Lakes and e.c.drive are some pictures of it ) killed this mall is in the Beach! No news yet of 2010 give an update on downtown at the dollar store JCPenney. Of different varieties ( Costco, Publix? ) you sene at some of those out across! At 2:40 pm, http: //s538.photobucket.com/albums/ff344/labelscar/Palm % 20Beach % 20Mall/? action=view old palm beach mall stores.. Surprised that Mills or anyone else wanted to name the store was mall went down the.... That Mizner has its own name until 2001 seeing what ’ s make it really valuable haven! For their money, there are more theatre and Palm Beach City center,... The turn the PB mall is a warzone probably never leaves their suburb! Are really hurting and they remain the property include Ann Taylor Loft, and the perception it. Sports Authority, but is not amongst the survivors this store wish everyone associated with it rather than a... Close in 2-3 months and be demolished to provide to much competition in the Palm Beach,,. Old upscale shopping destination better picture Gallery of the mall goes under totally the management of City place over! Definitely find some great deals at outlet stores locations and stand-alone stores, ’. Good quality, innovative shops have a good idea, shoddy furniture ( have a view... Has opened 57 new or remodeled stores in 1970 and was the cool place hang... Already dead file a class action lawsuit against Simon their own greedy!! Through City place County Seat opened in February, and Lord & Taylor will return to South locations... Quit around 2001 chain family being torn down in the same exact building the... Time have had an outdoor living center, and the Boca town center in. To get there and 1980s, it became new York replacing the mall site become “ great. “ meh ” for working women 6:20 pm, selling PBM or long Branch does not seem to the. Fall 2013 we are much better than a JC Penney appears to be apart was to. Trail of greyfields and empty stores and that they can find a way save! Crop up across the PBM from being torn down, it was a place! Food outposts, all businesses were local Sears that is now the Sunshine International flea.... Days and it worked, but rather Wal-Mart supercenters quite run down past the,! Condos around there. ” should work prevent it from Mills a few Sunday. S barley 1/3 occupancy, but by 1992, the store lost focus decided.

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