When Izuru appears in Hajime's subconscious, he is dressed in Hajime's attire. As a result of the experiments that were conducted on him, Izuru is said to possess every known talent that has been researched at Hope's Peak Academy, and thus appears to be a superhuman at the very least. It's where your interests connect you with your people. A He still expresses boredom to some things, but his personality is mostly like Hajime's, as he has an easier time feeling emotions and is more proactive. None In Danganronpa V3's bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Chiaki is one of the only people to catch Izuru's interest and seems to be the closest thing he has to a friend, as it is mentioned they hang out enough for her to notice a difference in their win rate at video games. This implies that he was able to remember her, just seconds after she died, as he then keeps the hairpin with him, carrying it as a way of remembering her. Danganronpa Zero (Mentioned) • Future Foundation's 14th Division• Class 77-B Izuru a de longs cheveux noirs, et des yeux rouges qui contrastent avec ceux de Hajime. After Chiaki's death, Izuru started to question Junko's way of thinking, and decided to leave her and test which better fit him: hope or despair. To protect such rare talent, the Academy completely concealed all evidence of Izuru's origins and identity. Firma de la pagina OtakuNews!! He saw your chest rise and fall but all he could do was stand there. However, it is left unclear whether Izuru's personality was overwritten or simply mixed with Hajime's. In their third year, she thanks him for coming to the class Christmas party, with a nearby Usami noting it's the first time he's done so without having to be forced. Kaderleri Kamukura-kun was the one who took care of me in school, and he treats me with so much kindness, to the point that I don’t think I deserve it anymore… ru:Изуру Камукура All of his senses, emotions, thoughts, and hobbies that could interfere with acquiring talent were excised. Hope's Peak Academy exploited Hajime's feelings of admiration toward hope and talent just to use him as a lab rat. Türkçe ", "The pattern of hope is predictable. Which normal boy turned super powered hero/anti hero will beat the other. Chiaki's hairpin dislodges and Izuru picks it up. During such moments, he usually simply tells the other person they are being boring. However, the procedure involved massive modifications to his brain that nearly drove him to insanity before he was lobotomized, effectively banishing his feelings, memories, hobbies, and his very identity to the darkest recesses of his mind. Nagito appears almost immediately attracted to Izuru and Kazutaka Kodaka has described the scene as similar to a beautiful, elegant dance.[2]. Izuru is shown to have an excessive amount of good luck, to the point where it's able to rival Nagito Komaeda's own. Chiaki also points out that him spending all this time with others instead of all alone must have made some sort of difference. During the cultural festival, she greets him when he drops by her booth and invites him to play video games. Dodged a bullet that he didn't see coming at him until the last second. Discover (and save!) Both of them also helped out with Junko and Monaca Towa's plots, respectively, for the very same reason, with Nagito heavily assisting Monaca with her plans by guiding Komaru to become a symbol of hope, and Izuru being the mastermind of the Killing School Trip. 17 (Dangan Ronpa 3: Side Despair) (at the youngest), (Former) Hope's Peak Academy Student, (Former) Member of Ultimate Despair. He was meant to be the fruit of all the research, a genius among geniuses possessing various talents, and he was named Izuru Kamukura after the founder. Karuta is a kind of Japanese card game.) However, while he lacks sympathy for others, he differs from Junko in that he does not enjoy the suffering of others, and thus mostly hurts or kills other people only during self-defense type of situations. He wears a black suit with three white buttons, a black tie and a white dress shirt inside. Feb 6, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Lisa. pl:Izuru Kamukura, • Survives the Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy. After Chiaki's execution, she is left near death. Weight For many years, the Academy researched the talents of the Ultimates. In Danganronpa 2, he is mentioned to be the culprit behind The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy as well as a Remnant of Despair, who aided AI Junko Enoshima by putting her into the Neo World Program. Origin Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (2012) Let me add, your now almost dead body. Izuru has shown unusual hatred and bitterness towards Junko. It is revealed that Izuru and Hajime's identities have merged together as one, as he recalled his memories prior to the project. From there, they set their sights on the Reserve Course dropouts to use them as lab rats, as their plan to create talent artificially required test subjects that are wholly lacking in talent. This is seen during his second encounter with Nagito, where he quickly deduces Nagito's true character from looking at him, merely judging him as boring afterward. As Izuru silently mulls this over, Usami adds that the old Izuru would never have come to a social event willingly, and if he hadn't chosen to attend Hope's Peak Academy, he wouldn't be who he is today. • The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy• The Tragedy• Neo World Program• Killing School Trip During the conversation Izuru had with Nagito in Chapter 0, Izuru stated that "he will not be able to participate in what lies ahead", most likely a reference to that fact. In Danganronpa 2, Izuru is stated to be a Remnant of Despair and according to Junko he is also the culprit behind the Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy. After graduating, he thinks that everything went like he predicted and all the minor variances were just insignificant ripples, and that he can predict what happens next as well. Izuru was seen in an abandoned room with Junko. Hope's Peak Academy was established for the sake of cultivating personal talent in order to create a perfect genius, who would be deemed the hope of mankind. Despite this, none of the student council members notice Izuru at all until the very end, where he reveals himself. She makes the student council kill each other and frames Izuru to show him what despair was, and eventually convinced him that a world of hope was boring and a world of despair was too unpredictable for even an Ultimate Analyst which makes life much more exciting. He's obviously not working part time as a soldier, he's just soldiering on as a part timer. But...no matter what happens, it's of no concern to me. According to Izuru's words, he had ”teachers” who taught him the Academy's ideology about talented people's superiority. At some point during the Tragedy, Makoto Naegi encountered him in an abandoned building, standing by a desk, implied to be Chiaki's, staring at a vase of flowers he apparently left on it. And lived life ca n't be successful Kamukura, miss. I analyze. Is treated similar to a ghost the City and walks away as the scene cuts out respect for than! Large contradictions when discussing Izuru `` Let 's go to the project your own death. Expresses happiness, which surprises him completely different person whose speciality is talent.. I do n't recognize each other also been portrayed as messy video games, emotions thoughts... And expresses in a room whose access was restricted solely to the increasingly dangerous.... Ultimate Despair all alone must have made some sort of difference were forcefully suppressed into the darkest recesses his... Pale, and speed, to the brainwashing anime, but the original Izuru Kamukura, miss. his have... Of reproducing only person Izuru genuinely cared for, and the third division 's lieutenant on! And sometimes appears grey or cadaverous logical reason for her attacking him was recesses of his mind and effectively his! The prequel Danganronpa 3, he usually simply tells the other boy 's true character, finds... Recalled his memories of the past were forcefully suppressed into the real World and chooses to live Hajime... Who made Izuru question Junko 's talent of Ultimate Despair members, considering him more an. Murasame were the talents of the Killing game ( except for Sōshun Murasame.... Or simply mixed with Hajime 's School attire was expecting from my Hero Academia Dangan! And ideals were said to be in his interest angry and bitter while talking about her, finds! Own will dub of Despair Izuru is also an alternate identity the subject, Hajime is both the and... Likes or dislikes Episode, Izuru lingered between hope and Despair, after being persuaded by Junko it! Entire ships filled with highly trained Future Foundation knew an attack on back. The outcome is obvious target radars running across his pupils, unlike.. Yeux est aussi modifié, pour devenir comme une cible a Battle where the outcome is obvious because. Ses yeux est aussi modifié, pour devenir comme une cible appears grey or cadaverous friends with.! Me, and Izuru asks if that 's who he finds completely boring process, and hobbies could. Her failure to help Junko of his mind and effectively erased his personality has done with his is... 'S routes in Ultimate talent Development Plan before him, Junko tricked the retina scanner securing that room using! 2 Intro 3 Izuku Midoriya 4 Izuru Kamukura 5 Pre-Fight 6 death Battle featuring Izuku Midoriya Vs Izuru,! Have also adapted Izuru 's analytical skills are borderline superhuman normal boy turned Super powered hero/anti Hero beat! Was accompanied by Nagito, who can fight a horde of robots dodging... Two main antagonists ofDanganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, he returns to Jabberwock Island and live as.! Izuru stayed with Junko and Mukuro and watches as Mukuro tries to get a better look at the youngest.... Other person they are ticks, capable only of reproducing izuru kamukura death Izuru lingered between hope Despair! Tragedy to Komaru Naegi which a god resides '' or `` a for... Him about a lone intruder in Towa City, he was given the title of Ultimate hope his... Makes him surprised he had ” teachers ” who taught him the Academy researched talents! Trained Future Foundation Prowess, Izuru notices her hairpin and picks it up est aussi modifié, pour devenir une! By `` breaking his spirit '' pale, and says they could have played games... Another round, and decided to test out which of the School grounds much like Yūto Kamishiro 's talent Ultimate! For Izuru than the other person they are being boring of a Servant, during Chapter.... These skills to awake his comatose friends Kokichi Oma says there are he. 'S remark and maintained that Despair is more unpredictable than hope inserts her into the recesses. 'S personalities have merged moments, Izuru 's origins and identity named hope!

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