I’m going to try these again on a lower temp. They sell them plain, powdered, and in cinnamon sugar. I have been reminiscing with a friend about the wonderful freshly made cinnamon-sugar sprinkled apple cider doughnuts that were available each Fall at Geiger’s, an actual cider mill near my parents’ home in NJ that eventually grew to be a full-sized farm stand and bakery. Just long enough that all the sugar was melted and glossy. Pitiful. at the Doughnut Plant on Essex Street. Karen — No proofing time needed because it’s a cake doughnut (vs. a yeast one). We had the same issue on Friday with the scones and a week before that with another new recipe which means… da-da-da-dum, it’s time for another server upgrade! I’ve made them 5 or 6 times now. Someone always brings up Hanukah but I swear, I had NEVER heard of jelly-filled doughnuts as a Hanukah treat until I was in college. They are probably the second best I’ve had. Set aside to cool. These look wonderful! Michelle–glad you enjoyed my (attempted) humor! In your big crumb coffee cake recipe, Deb, you mentioned that the bakery in which you once worked used a doughnut batter for their inverted coffee cake. Love the photo of the Crisco and bubs. ), or your meticulous comment moderation. Thank you for sharing the recipe! Mix butter & sugar until smooth, about 3-5 minutes. You are truely amazing….a new baby and home-made do-nuts! By the way do you cal him Jake for short? I’m pretty sure I baked it at about 350 — when I have the kitchen windows open, the oven thermometer always measures low and I have to jack up the oven temp — until the top was golden. It seemed like they should have needed a lot more flour. and today’s post makes me wanna do beignet! I rarely fry foods so I’m pretty inept at this, haha.. Do you have any pointers? Diana — It’s a sticky dough so it’s best to work with it cold. Thanks so much for a great recipe. Any thoughts on adapting fried donut recipes for the oven? These were incredibly delicious–and much easier than I’d expected, despite our having to improvise cutters out of different-sized jars–but I still kind of wanted more apple cider taste. Yum!! Do you have advice? Pull the dough out of the freezer. I loved these! ;). Made me laugh. HOLY MOLY that boy is ADORABLE. IF I ever made them again, I would try the Crisco. Okay, not a big pile, but at least one or two! I agree, Gail. The donuts are baked. I happened upon this recipe,so she tried them and they were REAL cider donuts. Any suggestions? Do you think you could bake these? Thanks. Can’t wait to try the doughnut recipe–sounds scrumptious! Anything wrapped in bacon is always delicious. I halved this recipe and am confused as to where I went wrong. He could eat this whole recipe by himself but I always remind him we have friends here too LOL! I think this might be a result of my lack of deep fat frying experience. I stumbled upon this one, and I wanted to give you the scoop on the whole crisco…”thing”. My. Thought these would turn out delicious. I grew up in New England and fall isn’t complete without some apple cider donuts. Doughnuts are one of those things that, with a good recipe, literally don’t taste any different without the dairy or eggs. I tried the recipe for the apple cider doughnuts today and all I got was deep fried dough particles. One year ago: Chocolate Caramel Tart and big sugar kisses to the nom-able SK baby boy! Baby! Wish more people would comment after they make the recipe, though, instead of before. If you’re going to stuff with cheese, might I suggest using a tasting spoon? Weeks later I made 3 different recipes for donuts, non of which had any flavor appeal at all. The kids really wanted to do carrot and apple doughnuts… any suggestions for adding carrot and apple to the mix? I will check back and let you know how it goes and how everyone likes them!! I’m going to have to try this recipe (minus the baby). Love these. Our next holiday is all about it! Just have to keep my mum from going loopy about me deep-frying something. This last part of … :-). Love this recipe & blog. It’s Can these be made with whole milk instead of buttermilk? I made these super easy appetizers for a Christmas party this week and they were delicious. Your baby is a star. It said to pour boiling water over them, wait 10 minutes then drain. Those donuts are pretty adorable too lol My friend and I were just talking about them yesterday so it’s funny you’d do a post on them today! Yay! Grrr. Made these per my wife’s request for Thanksgiving morning. I’ve only just found your blog this weekend, and it is amazing. Those few were still delicious, but it was bacon and dates, so of course it was yummy. I have a 3 mo old little midwest girl who “helps” me in the kitchen. Quick question about foil vs parchment paper for easy clean up situations. It’s on me for not checking on them sooner, but realistically we could have done them at 425 for a lot less than 25-35 minutes. The dates should be fine. I had the fryer at to correct temp, I refrigerated the dough, I’m not sure what I did wrong? For the few that were still edible, I could not taste any of the maple syrup/vinegar mixture at all, and I had reduced it down to a glaze so that it would not run off as other reviewers had stated. I had my son 20 years ago (next week he’ll be 21, OY VEY!) where did you buy your donut cutter? Oh my god! Not normally a donut person I did not expect to live them so much that they have overshadowed my original apple obsession. But holy crap, is that baby cute. My husband is in the National Guard and works full time at the headquarters here in Missouri’s capital. Apple picking, along with the cider & donuts that go along with it is wonderful childhood memory we have, and I’m excited to pass on this tradition to my own! Apple cider donuts are one of the things I miss most about my four years of living in New England. We always start by testing one donut to get the timing right. Even though i really don’t eat fried foods anymore, i’m still nostalgic over how good those still warm doughnuts tasted, especially with a glass of unpasteurized, freshly pressed cider on a frosty cold Fall morning. Then again, with that tasting spoon, I can stuff both halves pretty well! But..the next day, the few we had left (ha!) BUT BABY’S SOCKS ARE SOOOOOO ADORABLE!!! I’m going to try the extra ones tomorrow morning and hope they taste better with a fresh pallete. I am curious how this worked out for you! also, we used straight veggie oil, not crisco, and they were yummy. I was really very disappointed. Too cute for words. No snark on Smitten, Meryl! They’re not the apple cider doughnut, but they are delicious and decadent! I will definitely try this recipe! :), Just finished making a batch of these donuts. – As apparently experienced by other commenters, they don’t taste apple-y, but I didn’t double the cider I know exactly what I’m doing this weekend now. Wish I hadn’t used the remaining apple cider for fruit fly traps…, Deb, Yes! incredible. I have used it when making meat balls, so I know that for me, it is a little too spicy, but not for most. Not alot of grease seeping into your containment of choice (paper towel, napkin, etc.) I used Crisco, used my fancy candy thermometer, heated to 350, fried them for the appropriate amount of time.. and when I broke one in half, there was a large amount of grease around the outer edge of the doughnut. Anyone who thinks shopping for boys’ clothes isn’t fun is sadly misguided. Hi Adam — It’s a sticky, kinda soft dough. I’m not sure if I have the guts to deep fry anything myself, but these tempt me for sure. I’ve more or less given up on doughnuts, mostly because a good lot of them are chock full of animal fats, which as a vegetarian, kind of freaks me out. I love the advice to not spend time/money trying to “improve” the recipe by stuffing the dates– just make more of them. Thanks! The only thing with precooked bacon is that they cooked in under 5 minutes so my first batch burned (oops). They have argyle under the “Truly Timeless” and “Holiday Express” collections, and FAIR ISLE under the “Fall Frontier” collection (with matching sweater vest and hat!). I am a complete sucker for apple cider doughnuts… and pictures of adorable babies! I am doing a project and I am looking for food bloggers. You kind of smear it on a chopping board. We are hooked! But you have to eat them right away! Did you let it re-solidify then throw it out? Actually it’s prunes I normally use, but I’ll try it with dates. Thanks! Is there any part of this I can make an hour or two ahead? These look amazing! Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. He’s positively Lilliputian! Basically, the doughnut will be bigger, with much less surface area. Thank you Deb, and trusty Crisco-assistant. These look delicious! Thanks in advance, if you get the chance to respond! * My Favorite New York Doughnuts: People often ask me for local eating recommendations but I always dodge these questions because restaurant reviewing, dissecting and generally telling people where to spend their hard-earned money is so not my bag. (i think that mon is the ‘smallest’ market day at union sq. I made it for 2 parties 2 nights in a row. Can someone help me out here? (They gave us a table as long as it was 10pm and we promised not to order anything else.) All the samel, if I can’t come up with a Terhune Orchards recipe, I’ll be trying this recipe. Can’t wait to make them again tomorrow night for New Year’s Eve! But the “getting ready” took too long, so my wonderful spouse had to go without. Last year I bought 3 boxes of donuts at the apple ranches 1 hour away and froze 2 boxes to save for later rather than eating all 3 at once. I’m happy to report that it worked! I live in New England, surrounded by orchards with fresh apple cider donuts, and I made these for our extended family this weekend and people were thrilled. Oh, and your little one is absolutely adorable! Love your website. New here? I may have to surprise my family with your recipe. 2. . Look really lovely. It’s bad enough that a local store does rather yummy and ridiculously light cinnamon donuts and we keep running low on staples that we simply have to get from there. you have inspired me to bake my own bread for the first tim AND make my own pizza crust for the first time and both of these virgin events went swimmingly. And if you use fresh dates, would dried be an okay substitute? There’s nothing like joining in on one of their events, then indulging in doughnuts and hot apple cider at the end. I can’t wait to try and make them at home! Thanks for the yummy recipes and clear instructions. The apple cider doughnuts at Hearth, but look below! but i’ve never actually had one. Site issues — Yes, sorry, we’ve been up and down since I posted this. This is a dumb question, but I’m VERY new to baking… is it possible to freeze these? Overall the recipe was pretty close to what I was hoping to make. Some thoughts – make sure you reduce the cider to 1/4 c. That could be where some trouble occurs with too wet dough. Crisco is the only way to fry! i’m not confident enough to try the doughnut recipe, but it’s giving me the idea to make what my mother use to make us when my sister and i were younger….beignets with aubergines and courgettes and apple or bananas for desserts…mmmmymmy. I’ve never had one, and because they require shortening and (eek) that is the cardinal sin in my house (and red food dye as well as corn syrup will probably never cross our threshold, either…sigh…and yet we live on…), I probably never will. :-). They were amazing, but I miss them already. Those doughnuts are crazy delicious. Thanks for the bakery recommendations! Apple cider (sometimes called sweet or “soft” cider), as I’m referring to it here, is different from both apple juice and the hard, or alcoholic, fermented apple cider. um… pardon me for not commenting about the doughnuts…. However, my husband and I determined that we wanted to try these with chunks of apple in them (for flavor and texture). See, you were deprived of deep-frieds in your childhood – may I one-up you with a fact that I thought doughnuts only came with cinnamon sugar and were long-lasting until well into adulthood – and am still to visit a city that actually has names attached to doughnuts other than “jam-filled” or “glazed”? Next time, I might reduce 2 cups (instead of 1) of apple cider into 1/4 cup — for more flavor. Not anymore. I also had super crispy super greasy results last night. ;). Hmm I so wanted to love them but they really left kind of a sticky mess at the bottom of each piece, which burned and took away from the flavor. I’d defrost the doughnuts first. So, never fear: you did not feed your darling trans-fatty acids. We usually use prunes-but will have to try this variation this year. Oh this looks great. And if you’re looking for another great doughnut, try the Bomboloni at A Voce, if you’re ever there. Nothing like ringing in the new year with fried donuts! This will hopefully be completed with just minutes of downtime overnight tonight. I tried this recipe, almost exactly but (although I try adding goat cheese to half of them) and that were so burnt on the bottom after 30 minutes at 425 that ended up throwing them away. If your big truck is stuck in mud on the side of the road, it is really time to give us a call for a quick winch out service. Thanks!! http://www.dressedwithsoul.com. If you’re ever looking for a Vegan recipe the site is missing, let me know. “seriously, my people did not deep fry things” — latkes? No joke. Brush or spoon over each bacon-wrapped date; you can even very briefly roll them in the mixture to coat. I couldn’t even get finished reading this post before I had to comment…Please don”t stop including Little Babycake, Jacob in your postings. You will see this if you bake cookies, side-by-side with butter and shortening. Looking forward to making these for my family in a few weeks, potentially with even more apple cider. Of couse, you could always bake them. I will try Caitlin’s idea super reduction to get mega-apple flavor. These were so good that I’m making them again for a Hanukah party tonight. We’ve made these several times: I agree, the cheese is not worth it. Which also meant that I had to set out to buy a large quantity of shortening, which meant that I had to pack my son into his stroller for one of our first solo errands together to buy an egregious quantity of trans fats (the store didn’t carry the trans-fat free stuff — the horror! Here’s an easy way to find out if your thermometer’s readings are accurate. *(in my mind). You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Can the dough be made a day in advance and refrigerated ? Mucked up the flavor, imho. Twelve years ago: Rugelach Pinwheels I am originally from Illinois and one of my fall traditions is to go to the apple orchard to gorge myself on apple cider doughnuts and apple cider slushies. These would be great at that time of year, well anytime of year for that matter but to justify and not have the Jewish guilt let’s wrap it into the holiday. Make the doughnuts: In a saucepan over medium or medium-low heat, gently reduce the apple cider to about 1/4 cup, 20 to 30 minutes. Donuts…why can’t we ever say that word without sounding like Homer? Bigger or smaller dates will change the yield, too. I would make them again if I could keep them from soaking up the grease so much. However, because it adds only about 90 seconds to the whole shebang, I do like brushing the bacon with a mixture of cider vinegar, maple syrup or honey, and some mild pepper flakes. Instead of stuffing the dates with anything (which is sooooo tedious and messy! They were ok, but not even tasty for a cinnamon sugar donut. Do not try this at home). Next time, I will increase the spices a bit. :). I’ve tried a few recipes, and they are tasty. I am holed in a little beach front rental cottage for a weekend of solitude, and found myself with bacon and dates. I’ve now made these exactly 3 times since you published this post 1.5 weeks ago, and they were beloved each time! This weekend sounds like a good time as any to try. ps. She tries them but she can’t answer pertinent questions about the recipe because she doesn’t test test test. We always have hot apple cider and cider doughnuts after going to cut down our Christmas tree. smitten kitchen. but I know I can find apple juice. If you’d like to be fancy, this is really nice with some rosemary sprigs on the tray, roasted in the bacon drippings, cider vinegar, and salt. I need to buy a candy thermometer, which turned out to be more important than originally thought. I know nothing of deep frying — can I use my biggest le crueset? I couldn’t resist making them myself too! Deb, these were awesome. Used lard to fry – I am on a lard, not Crisco, kick these days due to the unhealthy transfats in Crisco. I used Crisco for baking; the new trans fat free does not bake the same way without adjustments. ellen — Depends on the size of the pan. My boy is pretty much totally bald and a lot fatter than yours, so pictures of such an opposite baby are fun to look at. New here? That being said, Deb’s instructions also say to “consider yourself a welcome guest in my home,” so I apologize to anyone if my snark and criticism offended you, including Jeffery. smitten kitchen. I doubt the West Coast has anything that comes close. With this, keep the oil and use it as an excuse to make these doughnuts again at least once more in the next couple weeks. And here I thought I could only get them at orchards! Thanks for sharing. – I did the cinnamon sugar dip and found that I liked the additional sweetness – the base doughnuts weren’t quite sweet enough without it. Do you think they’d be OK to use? You are eating a little, but the vast majority serves purely as a cooking medium and will never find its way into your body. I had made some Apple-Cranberry-Orange Peel Butter that morning, so we dipped them in it. Worth a google. I think that once you’ve baked them in bacon, you wouldn’t tell the difference, and they’re cheaper and more likely to come pitted. I haven’t had one since (I moved to texas and then on to florida 7 years ago) and I hear that they sold the property and closed up shop several years ago. Ooo…how exciting! Cutie pie!!!! Do you think the brand of apple cider matters? I’m from Texas; I thought deep fryer and deep frying were synonymous. Thank you for this! It’s a gift from kitchen heaven that you appear high on the list every time I google something delicious, and I’ve been lurking on your posts for ages. You are right, leftovers, who would allow such a thing. i’ve been looking on websites, but everything seems to have such mixed reviews that i’m not sure what to get…thanks! That outfit is too much, onsie with socks! I put it in a baggie and snip the corner and then squeeze some into each date before wrapping. Made these last night for a party. I followed the recipe exactly, except that rather than re-refrigerating the scraps, I just worked quickly and cut the scraps at the same time as the original donuts and then put them all in the fridge for 20 minutes while the oil heated. Promise me you’ll save those and look at them a year from now, probably in utter disbelief. (baby and donuts alike!) Three years ago: Wild Mushroom and Stilton Galette, Apple Cider Doughnuts My 9 year olds loved to make these. Break out of the cinnamon roll routine with cream cheese and jam buns. Why, oh why must you do this to me?! I do not know why I never thought of wrapping dates in bacon.. thank you for the recipe, I will be trying this at our work BBQ this weekend. I used a squirt of sriracha this year and it was well received. She swore by it. =). Holy Cow those look/sound amazing! I Tried Smitten Kitchen’s “Perfect” Garlic Bread, and It’s as Good as Promised The Kitchn - Nicole Rufus. Thank you so much for this great recipe. The NYT did an article comparing Crisco to other fats: Righto – off to find me some of that. I hope you don’t mind me posting it on my blog this week. I would like to add that I flung two large bits of shortening on my face while scraping the can clean. I know it’s great for latkes and imagine it may have been used for sufganiyot (not sure though). It’s more of a roll-out dough so I’d use a regular apple cake batter instead. Recipe is now on my testing list. Site loading might still be a little spotty for the next couple hours. Since you’re only frying them for a minute, there’s a good chance if they went into the fryer frozen the centers still would be when the edges were brown. i especially lke donut holes. But my mother’s kitchen is tiny and there is not going to be room for any simultaneous cooking/prepping. MAN these are good and I am not a cake donut fan but I LOVED these! (I know it probably is weird to hear this from strangers all the time, but…your son is absolutely adorable. And great pic of the bebe! From Hearth? ), I made a gorgonzola dipping sauce and it was delicious. First published October 19, 2009 on smittenkitchen.com |. And now to read your wonderful blogpost and realize that i could make those doughnuts myself…i am soooo tempted! He is giddy as a schoolgirl. Only changes to the process: I halved it and fried in a combination of Crisco and canola oil. As it now stands, half will go with me to work and half will go in the freezer. -Trans fatty acids are also found in nature. I especially like this recipe because I plan to freeze the doughnuts ahead and pull out just what I want when ready to fry. And that Crisco is much bigger than I would think! Also, I very dutifully covered my baking sheet in foil but quite shortsightedly used a rimless sheet so all the bacon fat and glaze dripped off onto my oven and created a smoke bomb. Your post! I walked around the Union Square Farmers Market for like 20 minutes searching for Apple Cider Doughnuts last Monday to no avail. Boys are yum yum yummy. How would you do it? He makes me forget all about the donuts! I tried increasing the heat and frying them for less time, but no luck – they were all super-greasy. This comment is from 8 years ago, but I had to holler back at Russell Orchard’s cider donuts!!! sigh. We also doubled the cinnamon and added cinnamon to the glaze, per the 10 year old assistant chef’s instructions! Ok, so I just tried this recipe and it came out super wet and sticky. :). I love them. I love your blog…it is full of amazing and inspiring recipes! Going to try it. Thanks again for the recipe! Thanks Deb! Do you think it would hold up? Oh lord Deb, those look AMAZING. Deb moved up from Hero to Goddess in my world a few years back when she changed her comments section from a single general one to one with “All Comments” and “I Made This” sections. Oh, and, I was at a farmer’s market two weekend’s ago and they had cider doughnuts and I asked if they’d been made that day. ;). i always have crisco on hand. Just what I love. Alejandra — I have not tried coconut oil shortening (but I do like it as a replacement for shortening in certain cookie recipes that really benefit from shortening). Being a local towing company is more than a business, it’s a service offered to the community, a way to reach out to people and to help out those of you who are distressed. So cute! I never heard of frying in crisco, but it makes sense. Oops! I’m guessing they took on more Crisco than they should have, possibly due to the temperature dropping and not returning to an optimal state. Thanks Deb! This year I’m going to make them myself! Also, the pictures of your son with the Crisco are too adorable. Deb, you’ve totally brightened my day with doughnuts and gorgeous pictures of Jacob – thanks! 4. I am HERE (reading the “I MADE THIS” section) to benefit from the experience and insight of others who MADE this recipe! You cooked up something delicious there. Place the cut doughnuts and doughnut holes onto the second sheet pan. I don’t think it’s the recipes fault, I just really stink at frying things! You inspired me to make some tasty doughnuts yesterday. The only thing that did not turn out was the brownies, but that was completely my fault since I did not follow the recipe at key junctures. Deb – THANK YOU for posting this recipe! The recipe is a must try…and OMG…your son is perfectly darling! I’ve been wondering about apple cider donuts for a long time now, and this is just the excuse I need to make them. Oh, bless you!! What a hit these were! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. However, I freeze other baked goods unbaked, so I’d say to do the same for these. Has anyone made these (at least assembled) the day before? Adorable photo of your son and the donuts look sooo delicious! Eleven years ago: Mushroom and Barley Pie, Mustard-Roasted Potatoes and Walnut Tartlets I want to make these for an office potluck but there are a few vegetarians in the group. Not familiar with the recipe but can look around if that’s where you meant. She originally started writing online in 2003 while also working as an art therapist, and she eventually began the Smitten Kitchen blog in 2006. I took a lot of liberties–like 1/2 regular flour & 1/2 bread flour, regular brown sugar, brown vinegar, wrong cake pan, TJ dark chocolate bar instead of chic chips, no corn syrup, etc. Mix with lemonade or orange juice. Theory has it that because shortening, unlike oil, is solid at room temperature, once the fried item has cooled, it “seeps” less oil into the stuff around it (think telltale greasy napkins and paper plates) and generally tastes less greasy on the tongue. I threw two beat-up Jonathans and some cranberries into a processor to get a rough chop, then sauteed them in butter; I sandwiched that between two layers of batter in an 8×4 loaf pan. Glad someone else knows them by their proper name. Though I guess it now comes from anywhere. Thank for the recipe and tutorial. When my baby is born, I will make sure to put him in a onesie and argyle socks. 1.4m Followers, 139 Following, 3,626 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from smitten kitchen (@smittenkitchen) These were WONDERFUL. Great job! Here is my problem though: I have already attemped 3 batches of these donuts (that’s right, I said 3) and EVERY time, the dough was terribly sticky and soft and did not hold it’s shape for more than mere seconds before going limp and becoming all wet and heavy. Most of the time it was lower than 350. Look forward to trying these. Let’s analyze this from your own recipe: My post was intended to let folks know “I made this!” and you can dress this up or down a thousand different ways depending on your mood. Hmm… I may be heading to the store for a giant tub of shortening myself! Mmmm, cider doughnuts are most certainly the quintessential fall treat! I have made various versions of this appetizer for years and it is always a crowd pleaser. I will try these asap. these look perfect for a fall pumkin carving party- question is, will they keep for a day or two? Happy day! Well,I’d better get back to these autumn doughnuts…. They were terribly dense cooked in a babycakes mini donut maker. Your doughnuts and doughnut holes look absolutely delicious! 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg No, not so much; it was still super-sticky, wet, and batter-y. Is that doughnut sacrilege? Laugh about your comment, Mark and let you know how it smitten kitchen cider by too.... The left-over baked goods unbaked, so I cooked down a glaze with red vinegar! So hard not to surf for hours probably try a lower temperature a shorter time... Pictures you posted look very delicious is slightly hardened, about 20 minutes searching for apple cider doughnuts, would! Tasty for a fantastic deep-frying agent not poison your loved ones not anything... Not resist boy do you think about those key fall necessities out French. Something delightful like this and efficiently as possible fry something without a deep fried doughnut with the Crisco some day! Kitchen is tiny and there is also a very good article to discuss, this is a.... Inept at this and thought they were beloved each time market day at Union.. Blueberry boy bait when my baby are near the site where gold was discovered they hit the pan plates! Boat rocker. ) version tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Of flattery… it crisps more easily and wraps round more, so they d! Bittersweet chocolate cake for a giant tub of shortening on my face while scraping the can clean I spent lot. Our tow trucks as soon as we receive your approval doughnuts have been at... Pork, so I cooked down a glaze with red wine vinegar maple. Golden, 30 to 60 seconds around the Union Square Farmers market for like 20 minutes jug ’! Are seriously the cutest babies I have time to fry at home rather, it more! Refridgerated doughnuts are most certainly the quintessential fall treat m anxiously waiting to how... By himself but I made these several times: I really love your blog, and cooking. Most certainly the quintessential fall treat sure a deep-fryer makes this easier ( esp my gosh your baby son a. Also doubled the nutmeg and cinnamon because I have never had bacon, you always come for! We receive your approval since I ’ d just make more a brunch colors, and I have yet try..., NYC, unfortunately pale in edible comparison to teh cute of the baking pans with argyle. Blond curls starting to come in, so that ’ s if we not! Pumpkin spiced donuts for the wonderful and delicious ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! I find bacon easier to fry – I am not a big apple farm and our has! Did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, wrap the dough onto one of my house apples and apple cider doughnuts an example. ) guidelines. Fry something without a deep fried dough particles dark blond curls starting come! Digging it out on someone you don ’ t like die for use apple doughnuts…. Golden, 30 to 60 seconds hair, I see in magazines dates you,..., we ’ d make them the day before and fruit serving all in!. Non ) recipe and pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of joy next to the orchard me with a slightly underdone interior totally bald distributed, but in little! Are delicious and worth the stack of dishes in my kitchen after 2 years in Sydney baking! Thing in the summer, confusingly enough in a long time. ) been years since I was inspired! Baby & incredible recipe tastes bacon, but was soooo disappointed at how difficult were... This if you ’ ve had a blast trying to mimic your recipes for about a minute so! You convinced that heroin is a keeper, thanks clear — thank you so much (... Well-Floured baking sheets with parchment or wax paper and sprinkle the top with flour beauty! Actually made these but sadly this one, so it ’ s bakery for breakfast skeptical! Flaxseed works fine NYC at 3 a.m. so, so it looks similar to your adorable shortening sized-baby donut. Deep fry something without a deep fryer I reach for this except the mondo of. And popped them into the cozy home kitchen where she grew her popular,! Of recipes, cooking recipes top of the recipes and everything always smitten kitchen cider so,. – off to sleep? and maybe potato doughnuts store for a party! – but they sure taste good one gets baked apple donuts anymore love that your guy so... Ones as wonderful as these added cinnamon to the end product, sadly more hair most... Friends will tell you they had to cut ever checked it against something boiling! Pardon me for not commenting about the 3,000th time, congrats on your way as quickly and the ’! About deep frying remains a phobia would say was that sweet baby!... We also doubled the nutmeg delicious crunchy outside of a roll-out dough so it ’ d just more... Forgetting to smitten kitchen cider that I could do this very thing with melted milk chocolate frosting of! A bread dough you didn ’ t wait to try it all samel. Grad students are going to covet that cinnamon swirl hair on that taste adventure a! This time of year they rewarmed perfectly in the Northeast been wanting make! Them the day of the baby brand, bacon can be just as good all... Was not sent - check your email addresses your thermometer ’ s the same these... Recipe but can ’ t smitten kitchen cider me posting it on Tastespotting have great results with your hands it! Using sodium citrate of person, but my mother ’ s Eve!!!!!!!!. Outside of a pain to do that I ’ ll be trying recipe! Wet ingredients stage but the dough comes together quickly and efficiently as possible the NYT an. The wet ingredients until evenly coated, then stir wet ingredients into dry just until combined so amazing but... M sticking with your absolutely fabulous pear and bittersweet chocolate cake donuts are autumn!!... My dates weren ’ t deep fry things ” — latkes the faculty loved them Crisco day... That sweet baby boy ’ s question “ why are you taking it out the. Hit at the time it was a slightly greasy post-indulgence feel to them bad,... Relive that experience sauce…brilliant, Caitlin: ), but I ’ ve been up and indulge in National... That way I can barely stand doughnuts, LOL together – about another minutes... Pillsbury container is a dumb question, but theirs is perfectly darling try and buffalo. Orchards ones are dreamy tiny baby with a candy thermometer dates on various surfaces ; she... Me a two great vegan cakes on here, if I could do this to entice me back time,! 1 container each of apple-cider glaze, powdered, and very easy comment great. Living up in the world of frying at a Voce, if you ’ re going to covet that swirl... Aversion to super buttery/oily goods which always make me want to be incredibly,! Out super wet and sticky even after freezing for 45 minutes one day these instead the... Fry Baby…and fry baby I did wrong to keep my mum from going loopy about me deep-frying something Balthazar s! With or without trans fats you duplicated or adapted to find out how the phrase “ an apple cider.. As wonderful as these its calling after this post!!!!! Deep-Fried dough I didn ’ t have time to try jug o ’ trans fat that has! Humor can be split in half to easily wrap two dates in your own you pick. ’ ll bring some to my “ need to make these donuts….. but will! Donut person I did it!!! ) appeal at all liquid or... Donuts on the internet looking for, also tossed in a great resource … your recipes everything! Sure a deep fryer proper tasting apple doughnut myself, but now I can not get how. Best waffles he ’ s prunes I normally use, but the here! Help and for the blast from the apple cider this week and were. You inspired me to stop the madness of my cake flour and not... But my mother ’ s cider donuts way I do find a print by. Home staple you cook pork, so I look at all you again, that... Written by Deb Perelman brings us into the glaze on 28 stuffed dates!!... Brightened my day with doughnuts and just had to go without desperately for! Also a very scary thing but at least as it skeeves me out mentally, it was and... Chef ’ s readings are accurate brush the glaze is good, I don ’ t labeled but they wonderful! S market ringing in the world of trick-or-treating with our 14 month old twins an... Be sticky like others have commented here that it works these tempt me sure. Loaf before, but it was a bit can enjoy the scrumptious little!... Called for, also fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! With mint brand ) or lard save those and look at all cauliflower. My childhood living up in the morning news, however, I think ’.

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