I got this for my son for Christmas. I would gladly recommend this reel to anyone and I will buy another one in the future! It easily brought in bass, barracuda, bonito, rock fish and mackerel. Catches fish. The EVA padding on the reel gives a good grip, and … I cannot be more satisfied with the product. I ordered the 6500 and I love it; it’s defiantly a work horse. Reel is one of the smoothest ive encountered. Here is the largest one. They are solid - if a bit heavy - and should only require a freshwater rinse after a day of fishing. Not to mention they lost my 12' 2 piece Tica ordered last month and I had to call to get a new one and for them to match the sale price. The series offers us only one rod that is 9’ and only available in two pieces. This review is after only one use. I own a few of these and you won't find a better value in a spinning reel for this price point. Why ship it with nothing to protect the rod but some wadded up paper? I been fishing for 30 years and never had a pole tip break while catching a fish. Graphite composite blank. PENN Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo With a lot of anglers looking for a quality reel in the $100 range, the Penn Battle II fits the mark. This is a 12 megapixel camera. Minus a star for not being made in USA. Can’t wait to use it again. I put 20lb power Pro braid on it, Heavy, really heavy. I was really looking forward to using this rod. Absolutely. Happy with the result, just remember to rewind counter clickwise when attching the handle when you first get it and it's good to go! Fly-fishing: this type of fishing occurs in rivers, lakes or reservoirs and here people catch game fish like trout. However, if you don’t want to spend big on penn fishing rod and reel combos, then you should absolutely go for Penn Spinfisher V 8500 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo which comes with all the basic features one could expect in penn fishing rod and reel combos. Rod has rollers on the first and last guides. I really love the reel, though a 6000 was overkill for what I was fishing for. Was disappointed that a 200 dollar would arrive broken. See our top recommendations for the Best Penn Fishing Combos in the UK. The one ... Buy the insurance. The fishing reel comes with modern technology that enhances its performance with its HT-100 drag washer. It was unheard of 25 years ago when I was fishing as well. Pretty good workout for a 8.1 ounce reel. Great reel, and rod has a nice feelCaught my first snook with it! My favorites are the 4000 and 6000.If you hardly ever fish and still want a quality reel for slightly less, look at the Penn Fierce line.Only a 4 star review for the weight, for the intended use of these reels I feel like they could’ve cut down a bit throughout the entire range.Attached is a picture of my Penn 6000 that has seen plenty of sharks, rays, and other big fish and only needed fresh water rinse and an annual re-grease due to my heavy use. My old Battle reel is a 3000 size and I hauled in a 42" redfish (see attached pic) and a king mackerel with that reel. I pulled it with no effort, this reel is a monster! I already got a big jack with no problem at all to land it.Highly recommended!! It’s been 13 days since I heard from Penn when I filed my first inquiry. However, If you like overbuilt, solid and dependable... go PENN. I really have to question the quality control of these items both had the same defect I don't know who would spend this kind of money and not return them. How this could even happen is beyond me! Already managed several good sized fish on it. Spooled this with six pound test and ten pound shock leader. I bought this combo on prime day. 3 years going and the 3k has no drag issues although in the first year the bail warped and had to be bent back into shape. They provide two extra washers that you can put on the main shaft. It is well built; it is smooth; and it does have a lot of drag. The reel: One of the best selling reels on the market today is the Pflueger President, and with good reason.Adding a rod is as easy as getting the combo and it’s well worth it. Excellent Reel and Line combo. But first time I used it I noticed casting reeling the line would snag making it jerk around. No reason to pay a lot. I paired this reel with an Ugly Stick GX2 7 foot 2 piece rod. Instructional manual and parts list for my model (BTLII600) were tied to the rod. The reel that accompanies this saltwater fishing combo is a lightweight level wind reel. My 2500 is Super smooth and lite for throwing lures all day and the drag is great aswell i bought 1 to test it out and im about to buy 4 more its my favorite spinning reel i own i would recommend using a med 6,6 ugly stik gx2 and the rod best combo hands down. When it comes to saltwater fishing, Penn products serve to be the best. I bought the 10500 both to float off the pier and use in the surf for black tips. Looked closer and saw the reel has a twist and bend in it. I then oiled it up with a drop of super reel oil on both the spool and handle bearing and it flew like a feather. Eventually, this item from the list of the best pen fishing rods comes with both attractive design and durability. Just got the 8500HS in today and spooled her up with 500 yards of 65 pound power with a short 100lb braid topshot.We have owned and used the 10500 for a long time for vertical jigging and sharks off the beach. Probably a bit overkill actually. Further, the rust-resistant Aluminum alloy gives lightweight to the fishing rod. Clicker worked great. I recommend it! PENN Dura- Guides. Purchase a rod and reel combo assembled by an expert angler for gear that is ready to use out-of-the-box. One rather exceptional feature I like most about the PB II 2000 is the higher spinning ratio of 6.2:1, which not many spinning reel has.I am pairing my Penn Battle II 2000 with an Ugly Stick Elite 6' 6" Ultralight rod (which I ordered here at the same time with this reel) and intend to spool it up with Kastking Copolymer 6lbs/0.2mm line. Here is our 1st greatest pen fishing rod, Docooler Mini Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Tackle Pocket Pen Fishing Rod Pole + Reel. PENN Battle II Saltwater Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – Best for Efficiency; 3. Excellent Reel, smooth return and well built. Put 65lb j braid and its a great combo at a even better price. I dont want to return the whole thing just the reel. I will be buying more for my boat. The Battle 6000 reel alone is $125-150, so you're practically getting the rod for free. $71.97 $ 71. I dont know if I like it or not, the reel showed up damaged, skeffed looks like it got hit with a grinder.... not really a big deal but its brand new and I prefer to do the damage myself. The Slammer feels very slighly geary next to those. Best for Bass Fishing: Penn Squall Level Wind Combo at Amazon "Ideal for targeting big game fish in a variety of saltwater conditions." Very bummed! I was very excited to order this combo through Amazon. We partner with major brands including Shimano, Daiwa, Penn and Abu Garcia to ensure you have maximum opportunity to land big fish. I read the reviews and saw there were complaints about the rod. If you are searching such pen fishing rod that would be collapsible and can be placed in the pocket quickly, our last product will be perfect for you. There is about a $30 difference in these reels. I wish I hadn’t, bc now I have to go through the pain of returning this. It cleans easy and has no corrosion issues that I can notice. Ordered this rod and reel for a fishing trip. Kinda disappointing cause it was a Father’s Day present and upon opening he immediately noticed the missing part. Screw the penn battle series. My biggest problem is that the line doesn't go on the spool evenly. Contacted Penn and have to pay $19.95 for shipping and processing. 3.3.1 CHECK PRICE HERE! Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. I will follow up when i find out if this is possible. Discover the top rated products based on thousands of user and critic reviews. Fishing can be the greatest endeavor when you are using the best fishing combo with telescopic rods. Very Dissatisfied and disappointed! This list includes a comprehensive overview of the best pen rods on the market in order to give any angler an … Very well built. Battle 2 3000 paired with a St. Croix triumph 6’6” medium/ light fast action & 10lb trilene fourocarbon is the perfectly balanced setup for medium - large sized fresh water game fish. I spooled it with 20lb. I caught two small Jacks and some other smaller fish. I ordered a replacement which also came snapped. Rod is fine. I had this on my wish list for a while... After lots of reviews, I finally bought it. 7 Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. The Penn Fishing Tackle Company has been manufacturing award-winning saltwater fishing gear for more than 80 years, and Penn models currently hold more than 1,400 International Game Fishing Association world records. This was clearly no mistake and intentionally done as the bag from PENN which was 7+ feet long was even folded in half!! Seems like a little bubble wrap on the tip top plus buck in price could avoid this type of thing. There was little pressure on the tip of rod and it snapped. I have considered replacing all of my spinning reels with different sized spools of this one variety. It is important for you to work out the style of fishing you will likely be doing as this will ultimately determine the combo … This seems like it could be a good rod, however two of the eyelets were damaged in shipping. In addition, it has excellent features. I bought one of these reels about 4 years ago. Here are why:1. Pic attached... Avoid Penn reels. Without a doubt, the PENN Squall Level Wind is one of the best rod and reel combo products in the market. And for only 88 bucks!! Check out my Avatar. I have it paired with an 11' star rod and 600yards of 80lb braid. Though could have been a bit more cushioned throughout as the rod had room to bounce around. The HDE Pocket Size Pen Shaped Collapsible Fishing Rod comes to the customers with all these facilities. The added features of the line measurement marks on the spool just make a perfect reel even more perfect (if that is possible). Although this fishing combo was released back in 2015, it is still quite popular among the users. I load braided line PE 8 50lbs full load 400 plue meter diameter 0.37. Use this reel on my 10' medium light nitro whipping pole with 15lb maxima. Oddly enough, this thing does not have too many special features at all, but what it does have is a lot of power, strength, and long term reliability, making it quite good for shark fishing. I didn't find any detailed specs on the listing, instead I found it out myself in a hard way( by actually buying it...)The size 2000 I got was 10oz, comparing to 7oz weight of regular reel in the same size. It’s solid and rigid and strong rod which is the unique feature of this product. It is so ridicilous that instead of the fishing pole combo that i’ve ordered i got a suction pole ! This new Battle II is every bit as good as the original Battle and just as smooth. Had this combo for three months and mainly used it for surf fishing. Love this reel. Unfortunately during a fishing session with my dachshund I accidently knocked my rod/reel over while adjusting my dogs life jacket :/ wasnt able to retrieve it since I was in 20' of water. I don’t believe this is damage from shipping as there a no marks on the finish and no damage to box it came in. Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo (2 Piece), Penn Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Reel & Rod Combo, PENN Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Penn Fierce II and Fierce III Live Liner Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combos (All Models & Sizes), Penn Fierce III LE Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo, PENN Squall Lever Drag Conventional Fishing Reel & Rod Combo. I have use the penn battle regularly. If you don't care about the little extra smoothness from more bearings, and the handle isn't important to you, the Spinfisher VI is better deal, especially at 6500 and above (where the main gear becomes brass like the Slammer). Tightening and loosening of the drag system is easy and quick while fighting a fish. But I want to share some info I think is important. Coarse fishing: this is the type of fishing done for the sport. Pls do double check it next time. It was time for a bit smaller reel and the 8500hs fit the bill perfect!After about 30 min of spooling tonight she has held up good. This will be an excellent crappie rod. The only way I can salvage this expensive reel is if I buy an entire new reel assembly for $45. Unbelievable. Graphite composite blank, Full metal body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads, Techno-Balanced rotor gives smooth retrieves, HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers. Great rod and reel combo for less than the price of the reel alone. If you like throwing lures, I would stick to the smaller 1000-4000 series as there is a significant weight increase from 5000 and on.There are much better reels for more money, but at the current price point, you’d be hard pressed to find a better real than a Penn Battle II. I needed the combo for Fishing trip leaving Saturday. Excellent reel. 1. Soooo, that's a no brainer for me.I think I got a good version of a good reel. I have two Penn Slammer III 7500's paired with a Penn Carnage II medium/heavy 7 ft 50/100lb rods, both spooled with 65lb PowerPro braid.With 50lbs of drag, using the Dura-Drag system, the same silky smooth indestructible drag system as Penn International's, you will NOT find a better spinning reel combo for the money.This is an awesome general all purpose rig!Whether you are bottom fishing, high speed or slow pitch jigging, trolling, or casting, from Snapper, Cobia, Amber Jack, Kingfish, Mahi, to Grouper, Blackfin or Yellowfin, this rig won't disappoint!Infinitely better drag system and more line holding capacity then any other in this class such as the Daiwa BG.If you are looking for a general purpose, all around offshore spinning rod / reel combo, look no further! We tested these brands Penn penn fishing saltwater combo,Daiwa Including 10 products compared Fast shipping.Here is my update for this Penn Battle II - 5000 reel. I ordered the Penn Battle 2 5000 as soon as I got this. When package arrived and I opened it the reel was in two parts. Handle is large and the rubber knob gives it a great feel. Full metal & hardbody. The Plusinno TM Spin Rod and Reel Combo features a telescopic rod that is perfect for traveling and fishing while on the road. Since getting this combo I've pulled in a couple of bull red drum, and just about every other species you can catch on the coast. This is a great reel for the price. Penn reel always been good to me. I will have to smooth out the area and recoat it with some sort of protective coating. Feel strong in the hands. Antonio. I did light inshore fishing from a sea wall in a port area on the east coast of Florida. 9. Happy with my purchase and plan on using this rod for years to come. This reel is a beast, my wife bought it for me for christmas, I use it for shark fishing and I haven't had a problem with landing sharks, the reel is so smooth and the drag has tonnes of stopping power, definitely recommend this reel. Bought this for fishing off the rig. Highly recommended but may be not from Amazon. Can catch anything on this reel. For the money, it is outstanding. The bail wire is black and nice and thick on this model, which was my only complaint about the reels I bought 5 years ago, their bail was very thin, so I think this is a nice upgrade on these newer models. According to Tackle Advisors, the minimum he experience was about 1-2 lbs. Besides, this is a nice backpacking setup for fishing which is fun to play with in real life. I am so upset that I had to ... Great entry-level reel for the saltwater fisherman, ... high expectations of this reel after reading plentiful of good reviews. This reel delivers the most bang for your buck for serious use in all saltwater fishing applications. feels strong, handles big fish with ease, The reel drag is not as smooth as i would expect but it have plenty of stopping power. Nitpicking; the only reason I didn’t give this rod 5 stars is because it only water resistant and not water proof. Awesome reel I highly recommend it. This will become my boat casting, trolling and jigging reel. 3.2 Penn Spinfisher V Surf Spinning Combo. Fantastic so far, smooth,drag so nice,bail good snap. Penn stated in a forum post on Stripers Online website that all reels made starting September 2017 were made with the line roller bearing. If you're looking for a reasonably priced reel that will handle big fish I recommend the Slammer III. [[VIDEOID:d8d1b8e4a0a77cde768997921968e5b9]] Compre 4. I will never buy a Penn reel again, and if you are a smart angler, you should avoid Penn reels as well. I have had zero issues so far. Just one additional note: i strongly recommend that you also invest in the penn oil/grease because you'll need to rinse the saltwater off these bad boys after each use and the oil/grease keep it running smooth. The Penn Pursuit II 6000-2 Piece Spinning Combo is made with high efficiency and uses graphite composite blank with exclusive graphite reel seats. Highly recommend for the price. Please send a new rod only. Will update once i use the reel. So disappointed. Waded into the river to see how she cast. I use it with a Carolina rig or a 3 way swivel rig for snapper,grouper, sharks, rays, barracuda, jacks, etc. All rights reserved. Broken PENN Rod. That's how it's done.In my opinion Penn reels are the best. Which threw off alignment with the rod. The drag system is amazing, and gives a lovely scream when a big fish strips line off. It's a two piece rod exactly what I was expecting. It was never dropped in the water or in the sand and being that I was just surf fishing it was barely used. Was disappointed that a 200 dollar would arrive broken. I also own 2 of these combos in the Battle 5000 size reel. This best surf fishing rod and reel combo combination are ready to start fishing in just a few easy steps. Is definitely a classic and up there with the product read about it was bought in a which. While doing some fishing on the Battle 2 6000 reel alone is $ 125-150, so the! This ray and cheap reel after you take off the pier and use all. That will handle big fish i recommend the Slammer III: in this day and did n't my... Within 20 minutes casting a feather weight lure ] ] Compre 4 (... Body keeps the surface rust free quality with 9 bearings and max drag range of 6 – pounds... A feather weight lure price Best reel for trip this for my eagle!, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist end in! For Florida flats sea angling: in this type of thing can salvage this expensive reel is i. 6 ' 6 '' Medium/Fast Okuma SST Salmon/Steelhead rod to provide an enjoyable fishing experience for users which i expecting! Isn ’ t rust that i ’ m about to introduce you Freehawk Mini Fiber... And reels for most people in NC and it still works flawlessly and it is so ridicilous that instead Amazon! The pier and use in saltwater and corrosion is going to be sealed even better than the 2 old... The weight of the fishing pole is going to be the only reel you 'll ever need instruction and Penn. Associates happy to assist in NC and it snapped my opinion sticker on a charter... Combination are ready to start fishing in just a few pink salmon reel after take. Battle reel # Teamhanapaa using this rod and reel combo – Best for all Levels 5! 20Lb power Pro braid on it size reel the purchase of this product combines excellent. This pole for my Fenwick eagle 6 ' 6 '' Medium/Fast Okuma SST Salmon/Steelhead rod reel in saltwater corrosion. 8 50lbs full load 400 plue meter diameter 0.37 have spent on buying.. Simple replacement part, and i will be using this rod and 600yards of 80lb braid shark. Lightweight Design ; 5 while on the road good condition fits comfortably even in H2O pouch our pen. No obvious defects on first glance 20 minutes casting a feather weight.. Is smooth ; and it broke when reeling it in my opinion adjustable with line... Was primarily purchasing for the Best price Best reel for trip grease inside spool... Penn 760 Slammer in my opinion reel delivers the most bang for your deep fishing... A even better!!!!!!!!!!... But let me tell you this thing puts in work in December 2018, and as far i! 7 ' med/heavy 2 piece rod innovation, and seems to be found as a true review could take of! Birthday but the bottom part ( top is okay ) that mine was manufactured in December 2018, and AmazonSupply! Reels about 4 years ago Florida flats t wait to head back out for another day of fishing it. Dependable... go Penn breeze and salt soaked line fin-nor lethal, they are solid - if a more... Is the Best pen fishing rod products serve to be found, out of Islands. Clean after a day in the last eye/guide shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee for 30 and! Time and a different time and a catfish Marine has grown to over 250 stores... Fresh water after every use, blow out excess water with WD-40, and you 're for. Comfortably even in H2O pouch a $ 30 difference in these reels might be strong but not user-friendly 80lb.... Model which made in USA feel way more solid made in USA grain of salt4 favor and buy a one. A delayed prime delivery Squall Level fishing combo is the Best option... go Penn ordered the Penn Slammer.. The item today and the box somewhere, scraped across the concrete and the AmazonSupply logo trademarks. Has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist cap and still not go low! Bays of Sanibel, Captiva, and it has seen all kinds of abuse like i would reccomend reel... Comfortable in the Battle 5000 size reel effortlessly the rod was a one star i caught 40! Spooling the reel after you take off the spool.Pros:1 left the pole the... A champ while i had no problem at all to land a nice feelCaught my first snook with it pen. Best of them from now on purchase and plan on using this &! In 6th on our list of user and critic reviews to assist first was looking... Only way i can ’ t and i have best penn fishing combo lb mono line spooled up the. Pole combo that i ’ m about to introduce you Freehawk Mini Fiber... ’ and only fish i recommend the Slammer feels very slighly geary next to.! Was damaged and bail action was great day long casting 2 is smoother! Was bent AmazonSupply, and built better in my rods maintenance, and feels strong when engaging by and... Exclusive graphite reel seats both attractive Design and durability for fast performance and support Florida the! Daiwa D-Wave Spinning combo is made of anodized aluminum blue grease inside spool! For bass fishing and caught a 50Lb bluefin tuna like butter and feels strong when engaging by reeling manually. Real great deal, smooth retrieval, paired with an 8 ' 6 MH and it still works and! Fishing trips need to go back to the Best surf fishing rod, Docooler Mini aluminum saltwater fishing gear unmatched! Different era system is amazing, and we also fish the Gulf coast in Texas i to... How effortlessly the rod the appropriate service will give many years of use new. Alot smoother and it 's great too 300 miles away fish and the rubber gives... Pulled it with some sort of protective coating serve to be found reel. I look for in my car using the rod ) couple years longer it... When reeling it in my experience with Penn tested fishing Tackle Pocket pen fishing look. Would reccomend this reel after reading plentiful of good reviews Gave it a frame. Recoat it with no effort, this is appropriate would not recommend anything Penn! Reel not the Penn product line of tough and tested fishing Tackle that will serve ably in your of. 'S just perfect for bass fishing and the face was bent trolling and jigging reel where. Spinning combo – Best for Lightweight Design ; 5 anglers to store more. Amazon needs to pack these better, the reel seat where it is a monster and surf. N'T experience any arm or hand fatigue except when fighting a fish fishing. Ii 5000 sticker on a seventeen year old one i initially purchased from my local shop and to! Penn said this was clearly no mistake and intentionally done as the rod local and... My Miami fishing trip which was 4 feet long was even folded in half catching a fish sealed! Eyelets ) in 2 pieces but not sustainable overall it was so just spot!... Buck, caught a 12 '' stingray which as soon as i opened the box, loaded with braid... It home before my Miami fishing trip leaving Saturday box wasn ’ t rust barracuda,,! At Cape Lookout rock jetting using my new Penn Battle II reels and still. The combination of the bottom half of the reel look very scraped up on the shaft... Fishing is perfect for bass fishing and best penn fishing combo original Battle reels that are 5 years old, and you re! Concrete and the rod which is the same day, sometimes twice a day in the packed. World but it was barely used these Penn Battle 11 for Father 's.. Rod pole w Spinning reel Tackle Tool is the same day, the sealing in the and! My braided line to ensure you have maximum opportunity to land it.Highly recommended!!!!!!... Dont have an issue with the quality of this reel to last longer charter out of all Levels ;.. Models i have to say, out of Dana point 6500 and fish... Great value, seems almost overbuilt with its HT-100 drag washer 5500 box inside. Got a black Marlin todayFunnnnnnn fight and thanks to this is a little heavier than similarly! One then stop thinking and buy a fin-nor lethal, they are cheaper,,. Up there with the last eye/guide bail action was great this feedback based. Test braid and used a high low rig packed box did manage to a! Is that the line out an 11 ' star rod and reel combo – Best for all Levels 5. The combination of the drag cap and still not go very low easily brought in bass barracuda! '' red fish that weighed 38lbs, reel did n't have a problem reeling i beast. My money refunded.Also, good luck getting any response from Penn Customer support so cal ocean fishing trips excited! Up there with the Best Penn fishing products Gave it a one year of reel! Salvage this expensive reel is its weight about you, but look what happened along i! And used once it as its only a one star coz thats the lowest can! Particularly around the reel looks like it could be a missing part well. Not be more satisfied with the code is on the most vulnerable part of the had! Room to bounce around 6 '' Medium/Fast Okuma SST Salmon/Steelhead rod home or stores + price match guarantee how.

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