Cortland Compact Float Fly Line The Compact Float has a slick finish that helps it shoot without resistance. If you’re a novice or intermediate angler looking for a line that is relatively caster-friendly and cheaper than high-end RIO and Scientific Anglers lines, this is a solid option. The Flip Hi-Vis line is well suited for casting both weighted and unweighted flies quickly and accurately. The Professionals might want more. This is the … Casting Notes: Refer to our paragraph at the beginning of the saltwater shootout about average fly lines. These intermediate lines sink at somewhere around 2.0 in to 2.5 in per second, so I would call these fast intermediates. This is a line that could be used for Bonefish, Redfish, Permit, Snook, Tarpon, and more. This is very interesting since the 444 is roughly the same weight as GPX (and in fact has a heavier head weight overall). Here's a comparison between the two: We cast the 444 on the NRX first. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Taper diagrams were created by measuring the diameter of each line every 6 inches until we were well into the running line. Bottom line: The Trout Boss is an excellent choice for faster rods, especially in tight quarters. I think you'll really enjoy it! Casting Notes: Cortland built this line to be heavier than other lines in their tropical saltwater collection for anglers who fish fast action rods. Also use it on bamboo rods. This can also be used as a dropper off of a dry fly in shallow water. Despite some twists and turns along the way, their latest iteration is cranking out some serious purpose-driven lines … With the overall notation that all of these lines performed 100% to my performance expectations – I should also note that I am not a world class caster—I would say that my demands on my fly lines is representative of the dedicated non-professional angler so if a line works for me it will probably work for the vast majority of anglers. Both line … Bottom Line: If you’re fishing in high-wind or with big streamers, this line is a great option. The 444 line has been around for decades and has a very strong following, particularly amongst the bamboo crowd. These respective lines have a longer sink tip (~35 ft) and are denser, but are not fun to cast because they have no taper whatsoever. Also very stiff, I would look elsewhere for saltwater line. Bottom Line: This is a versatile line for anglers who are targeting many different species in a variety of scenarios. If you’re looking for a technical line or a line with high-performance in a specific casting category, check out some of the other Cortland lines. Why, with today’s fast action rods, is Cortland making a line that’s a full line size lighter than the AFFTA standard? The line’s loop stability at long distances was fine but the line’s light head wasn’t enough to load either rod properly. We … This is my review of several Cortland fly Lines that I have fished in 2017. This is often the situation when fish follow close to the boat. This line performed above average across the board on the NRX. My experience with these lines has included the following environments and species. The precision taper designs softly turn over your leaders for delicate presentations. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Trident Fly … Not the most versatile line. ), consider the Cortland 333 Classic Trout / All-Purpose. It casts and shoots through the guides very well. Bottom line: There are much better choices than this line. ~ JC. Unlike other lines in the shootout, the Flats Taper’s performance isn’t limited by a technical design that makes it great for one style of fishing and bad for others. ( Log Out /  Tune in as Jared provides step-by-step instructions to tie this productive wet fly. 4 Pcs. Would of liked to of seen the Original 444 Peach line tested. 9'0" Includes reel with line and ... more backing.All you have to do is go fishing" You get all this" WF6F 333 Cortland Line. Cortland Finesse Trout is a “presentation” line similar to Rio Trout LT and Triangle Taper: average front taper, average rear taper, long belly. If you want to try this line, you probably need to line up unless your rod is from the 1980s. Enter the new Cortland Trout Boss line. Sure, it’s got a decent presentation, but there are so many lines (even many from Cortland) that do that and cast way, way better on every rod. The Quick Descent 24 sinks fast and does well with various fly sizes while offering increased line control thanks to the floating running line. * Back in the 1960s, my SA fly lines would crack after a season or two. Change ). Tune in as Jared teaches you the steps to tie the Hollow Fleye Squid with tips, techniques, and advice for tying this Hollow Fleye-style Squid pattern. It's micro … * Ocean offshore Pacific City – black rockfish, lingcod, silver salmon, albacore tuna, chinook salmon, blue shark. This makes it the line of … The only lines I have found that sink faster are the T-14 custom cut lines by RIO and AIRFLO. It’s a real chuck-and-duck line. These are two solid sinking lines options from Cortland. Sign up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, sent directly to your inbox. The beauty of the intermediate line is being able to know and control where my flies … Cortland Line Company is a world leader in designing and manufacturing the most innovative fly fishing and braided line products. One thing to note is that the line has a different feel and does take some getting used to. Cortland has been manufacturing fly lines since the 1930's. This line is a good option for targeting Redfish with large flies or casting in high wind. It’s more of an aggressive floating head with a running line … This is a seriously cool fly line. While this line doesn’t shoot to the top of any particular casting category, it doesn’t have any real weaknesses, either. The Cortland Compact Sink fly line does not have any issues in that department. Hi - we have no idea... try contacting Cortland directly! Precision Compact Float – This is a short head, powerful fly line that I prefer when popper fishing in the ocean and estuary, and also when fishing Clousers in the estuary for Chinook salmon. The big Game Intermediate is the same line on a stronger core in higher line wts. If you’re fishing for technical Bonefish, this line is too aggressive to present a fly delicately. We've found that long rear taper lines, like 444 and Rio Gold, just feel lighter and need more weight overall than standard lines. * Twenty years ago a fly line from __________ was impossible to cast because the finish was sticky. ( Log Out /  Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2020 Size: WF10F Verified Purchase Hard to maintain in salt conditions, line will become sticky after one day on the flats even after being cleaned and coated. Can you do the Compact Sink series was well? It won’t work well on today’s faster rods. It may be partly in your head, but one has to be careful "comparing" WF and DT lines. It’s also a solid line for absolute beginners. A budget, tight-line specialist with few compromises. Highly rated. This is my line of choice when I want my fly to fish shallow. Bottom line: If you have a Sage Circa (or another softer rod) this line should be near the top of your list. See our comparison between 444 and Rio Gold for more info on this. Can you tell me what the HT in Cortland 333HT means? This line has a short (~30 ft) powerful head that allows anyone to load the rod quickly. ( Log Out /  The 200 gr and 275 gr Blitz lines should be a nice clear tip alternate to the RIO Outbound and AIRFLO Sniper lines fished for Puget Sound cutthroat and coho. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing shootouts to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. This would make a great Bonefish and/or Permit line (Jonathan Olch recommends a clear line for Permit). Here comes the very first floating fly line of this floating fly line review. The Hype: … Designed for fishing small flies at greater distances in complex currents. Yes, that’s well over 4000data points. I have only found these lines offered by SA, RIO, and Wulff. Actually, I think it is more of a challenge to pick a good fly reel than it is to select a good rod and line. Both are pictured above. I actually wasn't expecting much here but was very pleasantly surprised in the end. As you can see in the diagram above, the line’s taper is pretty typical for an all-arounder and it casts pretty well both at short distances and at longer distances. The result is very poor loop stability. The line had really poor presentation and isn’t a line for anglers who fish small flies. One performance issue I have not found in Cortland lines (for big-game) is a hover line: a line that sinks at perhaps 0.5 in per second. I think they have a winner here, I doubt if your results will differ. Today, the overall quality and performance of fly lines is quite like the performance of fly rods—very good. However, there are a few gems in their line-up … (5 Reviews) This is my preferred nymph line for European-nymphing. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The precision taper designs softly turn over your leaders for delicate presentations. This fly is intricately tied with a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and fun to use in a variety of other streamer patterns. On the Circa however, this line sings! This is the "classic" Cortland 444 line. Precision Compact sink – this has been a great fast sinker I have used mostly when fishing the ocean from dory boats. If your fly fishing isn't super demanding or you simply just want to keep cost down (hey, it's only $39.95! Cortland Line Company PO Box 5588 3736 Kellogg Road Cortland… Been using the DT version for years on my Scott G 81/2' 4 wt. * Oregon estuaries – sea-run cutthroat, spring and fall chinook, coho salmon Dick Sagara has helped me home in on several Cortland fly lines to fish and I thank him for his constructive suggestions. This is Cortland's latest line designed specifically for delicate presentations needed for dry flies. It improves performance but was a little funky when we first started casting the line. This is from Cortland's product description on the packaging. A bonus, an interactive CD is included with each line. The line had fine loop stability but its performance struggled when we tried to carry line in the air. We cast a lot of technical situation-specific lines in this shootout that did one or two things really well. * Two years ago a fly line from _______ fished just fine but the finish was incomplete in a few small regions. The Cortland 444 Intermediate Clear Camo Fly Line really excels in the 1′ to 10′ range in the water column. For more punch, the Compact Sink does great and the intermediate running line stays below the surface to keep flies down efficiently. The benefit of this taper is that the line does a lot of the casting work for you. Unfortunately, on the Circa, the Trout Boss overloaded the rod and its distance casting and loop stability suffered. The 444 is an interesting line. This is a great casting line that excels when you want to make a long cast with minimal need to back cast. We also noticed that it felt heavier than other lines in the shootout. The Hype: Built a full-size heavy, the 46.5’ head design helps load fast action rods and increase line speed. Life seen through the filter of fishing and fly tying. This line felt heavier than the others in that group, however. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cortland 444 Sylk Fly Line at My short conclusion is that Cortland in general performs at a very high level, and I have full confidence in these lines. It has a slightly longer flat belly, plus an elongated rear taper. The design of the Trout Boss is fairly standard. The line that we tested is NOT the same as the Classic 444 Peach. Review: Cortland Competition Nymph fly rod. In conclusion – Cortland fly lines have performed in every measure neck-and-neck with RIO, AIRFLO, and WULFF fly lines. Cortland 444 Classic Peach Fly Line is a supple fly line with superior buoyancy and a glass smooth surface. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The CD is the complete history of Cortland and everything about how flylines are made! I have fished the 350 and 425 gr lines on rods from 8 wt to 12 wt. Casting Notes: This line can be grouped into the ‘quick shooting’ category of lines that have an aggressive front taper and are ideal for throwing large flies in windy conditions. The Hype: Cortland’s Bonefish-specific line features an “aggressive taper that loads rods easily for close shots” and an “elongated rear taper” that “provides excellent loop control when you need to carry line for long-range targets”. I have fished lines by Airflo, Rio, Cortland, Wulff, Teeny, and other non-branded lines … The Hollow Fleye Squid is a phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and during the day. This post is part of our Fly Line Shootout, so if you haven't read our main post, you probably want to check it out. It is a level 0.022" diameter line, which is the thinnest diameter that is legal in competitions governed by Fips-mouche rules. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Modern Steelhead Flies is out! If you’re used to fishing SA lines or even RIO lines, this Cortland line has a slickness additive that is different from most saltwater lines. It’s taper and weight also make it a really caster-friendly line, great for absolute beginners. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. You need to retrieve to leader length, then work out engouth line to load the rod to re-cast. The Hype: Designed for the intermediate and advanced level anglers, the new 444 Classic - Modern Trout delivers the ultimate combination between performance and price. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by this line’s performance, power, and versatility. It’s important to note that 444 is a series designation, not a single line. Another thing we like about this line is its multi-species versatility. I fish these lines for salmon in the estuary and again, go back and forth between the camo and clear lines to fish on any given day. ( Log Out /  This line definitely loads fast action rods reasonably well at short distances. The Cortland Ultralight Series (weights 2 through 6) helps … That long front belly allows you to hold more line in the air and can … It was one of our favorites overall on the Circa. Plus, Cortland offered us the only completely clear fly line in the shootout which we think is a really nice feature for spooky fish or an environment where a cast could spook a 2nd or 3rd cruising target. Ironically, it’s also a half line size heavy. These lines (available from 200 gr to 425 gr) cast very well and sink quickly. Thus far, we’ve covered the 444 Sylk and the 444SL Precision Taper, now comes the 555 High … The Cortland All Purpose Taper is a pretty average, versatile, all-around saltwater fly line with decent performance across the board. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’ll keep this review short since there really are no complaints or issues with the line. ... Cortland Line Company has been on the scene in various forms for over 100 years. The Hype: Cortland calls it their “best all-around hot weather floating line for multi-species saltwater fly fishing”. Thanks. Versatility and power at longer distances, Doesn't offer really spectacular, stand-out performance in any particular category, Versatility and decent performance across the board, No standout performance in any particular casting category, Solid presentation at longer distances with smaller flies, Weird taper and not a ‘shooting line’ as marketed, A highly specialized line with limited applications. While most people are familiar with the older (and more value-based) 444 and 333, the Precision line boasts some great new coatings and innovations. This taper has a long rear taper, and is very similar to Rio Gold (I’m not sure which came first). I believe that anyone who is considering a Cortland Line will be pleased with the fly line’s performance. Unfortunately, this line has no taper in the belly like the other two. It also isn’t a super caster-friendly line so not something we’d recommend for beginner anglers. The Hype: This line is Cortland’s offering for “large air-resistant flies or punching a cast into the wind”. * Baja – Dorado, skipjack tuna, jack crevalle, roosterfish Cortland Hi-Vis Flip fly line review from Capt. An inexpensive line that casts really well on softer rods. Interestingly enough, while they market it as a ‘quick shooting line’, it has a pretty long taper with a gradual rear taper which is different than other ‘quick shooting lines’ we tested (ie RIO Outbound Short). Precision Tropic Compact – I fished this floating line in Baja for Dorado, skipjack tuna, jack crevalle, roosterfish in the 350 gr and 425 gr line wts. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Cortland Line Company is a world leader in designing and manufacturing the most innovative fly fishing and braided line products. One thing we found interesting about Cortland lines (including lines made by Cortland like Teeny), is that they are a little bit heavier than their cousins at Rio and SA for similar tapers. It has a 28-inch head with a step down to the shooting line. The line’s completely clear build makes it difficult to see on the water… which is good for targeting spooky fish but can make it hard to know where your fly is at all times. I LOVE this line when I’m fishing for sea-run cutthroat in rivers and estuaries. * Oregon lakes – trout up to 12 pounds The Hype: Cortland’s Liquid Crystal Series is built to be the toughest floating fly line for tropic environments with a clear line design to prevent spooking wary fish. I really like this line for run and gun fishing. Chris Myers of Orlando Fly Casting Lessons. Swing this fly on a single-handed fly rod or a two-handed Trout Spey rod for maximum success. After several re-organizations, Cortland is now going strong making fly lines under 3 different labels: Precision, 444, and 333. I think this would be a great line for stripped bass too. Get Cortland 333 line at . After several re-organizations, Cortland is now going strong making fly lines under 3 different labels: Precision, 444, and 333. HT stands for high tech. We used a digital micrometer, which is the only way to get an accurate reading. The longer head length of the Trout Boss HTx made it an excellent roll-casting and single-hand spey line. It did not do well and it was pretty clear that it was not loading the rod well. Trout key in on emerging BWOs during a hatch and take advantage of insects as they swim up through the water column to hatch. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It did everything really well. Trident Fly Fishing is a full service fly shop. Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for an all-around line that’ll present flies with stealthy performance, this is a great choice. Small and Big Game Intermediate – this is an excellent fly line that I use when fishing lakes and estuaries for sea-run cutthroat if I want to fish my fly from the top foot to about three feet deep. This is a smooth long casting line that will load your rod quickly and maximize the time you are fishing because you will not need to make many false casts before letting-fly. by Cosmo Genova - Monday, Apr 16th, 2018. Casting Notes: The taper of Cortland’s Clear Flats Line is built for versatility and all-around performance. Cortland Ultralight Trout Series | $90. I recently fished Cortland’s new fly line, the Trout Boss. I have also stepped on fly lines with cleated boots, nicked them on sharp edges in my boat, pinched them in reel spools, stretched them to their limit, and so forth. I need all the help I can get. If you look around, you’ll probably find a better option though. Compact Intermediate Blitz – I have found this line to be among my top choices for fishing estuaries for salmon. Cortland has been manufacturing fly lines since the 1930's. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 100% of our funding comes from your gear purchase, so if this shootout helps you on your next fly fishing adventure, support us by buying your next fly line (or better yet, your next rod and reel), from us. Rambling Review – Cortland Trout Boss 5 Weight Fly Line Why: I am an average fly fisherman with a marginal cast. Cortland 444 Classic Peach Fly Line is a supple fly line with superior buoyancy and a glass smooth surface. It lands softly and minimizes the possibility of you crashing a cast into the water and spooking the trout you've been watching sipping duns while you frantically tie on a new fly. No other company in this test has as rich of a history making fly lines as Cortland. My short conclusion is that Cortland in general performs at a very high level, and I have full confidence in these lines. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Cortland Rod& Reel Outfit 100% Graphite 6Wt. Cortland Fly Line Reviews and Recommendations: Fly Line Buyer’s Guide, Fly Line Shootout, Review, & Buyer’s Guide, Royal Wulff Fly Line Reviews and Recommendations: Fly Line Buyer’s Guide. This line, to the contrary, accomplishes Cortland’s mission of building a line and a taper that does everything well. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. With Micron Backing and Precision Leader Cortland 4 piece Fly Rod Cortland Mid Arbor Aluminum Fly Reel Cordura Fly Rod and Reel Case Cortland … Read on to see how they fared against the big boys. This line had solid performance across the board and encouraged nice, stable loops, decently delicate presentations, and had some real power and performance at longer distances. Skillfully designed for the avid bamboo and fiberglass angler, the Cortland 444 Classic Sylk Fly Line is butter soft and is smaller in diameter than traditional synthetic floating lines. While most people are familiar with the older (and more value-based) 444 and 333, the Precision line … The Hype: Cortland built this line as a quick-shooting, easy-loading line for contemporary fast action fly rods. It is an excellent line … This report rounds out the Triad of reviews dealing with Cortland’s fly line highlights for 2005. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This fly is relatively easy to tie and is tied on a strong hook. Casting Notes: This is the lightest line we tested in the shootout. I have fished lines by Airflo, Rio, Cortland, Wulff, Teeny, and other non-branded lines I have obtained from China. Moreover, we have also shed … First impressions: The specifications – The Trout Boss is a weight forward line … My go to rod for spring creeks/dry flies. Greater density means that they probably don't float as well as their competitors. Overview: Choosing the best fly line is very critical for the success of your fishing trip.In this article we have selected, tested and reviewed 10 great fly lines available online. Line Review - Cortland Sylk (4 seasons on) I'll be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of many of the fly lines made or distributed by Cortland. It is one of the top-rated fly lines that have been very successful to deliver the users needed value. We are not a blog, or a review site. Denny Rickards – this is a trout line that floats but has a short  7 ft camo intermediate sink tip. Once the line is in your hand you will realise that Cortland have gone for a stiffer construction than that of the 444 and it feels similar to an SL with its hard shiny coating and stiff core. The BWO Soft Hackle fly is a great wet fly to swing through riffles and runs. (and in stock), Flies, Salmon & Gear: Sketches from Pacific City. Cortland Tropic Compact Fly Line The Tropic Compact is high floating, quick loading, and has an aggressive short head which is ideal for throwing large air resistant flies or punching a cast into the … It was so light, in fact, that it was too light even for the Helios 3F 8wt. The number of inadequate (crappy) fly lines I have fished in the last fifty years can be counted up on one hand. While these diagrams are really great for most lines, they didn’t work as … It’s a 100-footer that sports a 65-foot head (but is AFTMA standard at 30 feet). That being said, we didn’t think it had particularly great shooting capabilities and felt more like a regular Bonefish line. 16pmds statement above is specifically about the Cortland 444 line; the available information from Cortland indicates the lines … The Cortland Guide is a fine line to carry in the air and does pretty well when presenting smaller flies at mid/long-distance. Each line was reviewed on its own merit to get a good view of what it is ideally suited for, taking into account the ease of control when casting, turnover, memory and how well it shot through the rings. Bottom Line: There are better shooting-style lines on the market and better all-around Bonefish lines. This line is offered in clear or camo, and I honestly can’t make up my mind which I prefer. On the other hand, this Bozeman … Cortland fly Line Review 2017 This is my review of several Cortland fly Lines that I have fished in 2017. We have no idea.

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