Home » Php » Reverse string without strrev. PHP provides inbuilt function to reverse a string PHP: strrev – Manual but knowing the logic of how it works is very simple and interesting. 2008-02-28 Re: [PHP] reverse string without strrev(); php-gener Robert Cummings 3. Normally string functions gives us the facility to directly set string variable into reverse form but some times web developer needs to reverse string without using strrev() function in their programs in php coding page. Posted by: admin November 23, 2017 Leave a comment. In the interview you may come across “Write a PHP function which should reverse the given string, condition u should not use strrev (inbuilt) function and array functions “. You can answer this question with few steps: Assign the given string to the variable ; Calculate the length of the string There are several ways you can reverse a string in PHP. Questions: Some time ago during a job interview I got the task to reverse a string in PHP without using strrev. But sometimes in php interview you may come across the task to Reverse a String in PHP without using strrev function. Reversing a string is one of the most basic string operations and is used very frequently by developers and programmers. 2008-02-28 Re: [PHP] reverse string without strrev(); php-gener Robin Vickery 4. Here will create a PHP program to reverse a string in PHP without using string function. One is using default function and the 2nd way is without using default function. The strrev() function is a built-in function in PHP and is used to reverse a string.

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