indicum = G. triplexG. fallaxC. Common name for Cantharellus cibarius and closely related species of Cantharellus. glabellus - see Caloboletus inedulisB. hotsoniiM. conopilea/us = Parasola conopileaP. uncialisR. aurivella - see P. limonellaP. laccataL. cyaneotinctus - see T. sordidusT. cretaceusL. helodes - see H. crustuliniformeH. radiataP. Jul 11, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Lotta . species 01L. Making Spore PrintsDescribing Mushrooms & Keeping a JournalIdentifying Mushrooms laetus  G. psittacinusG. haematopus var. M. bambusinus  M. caninusM. Pseudopode : expansion de cytoplasme périphérique d'une cellule amiboïde. De belles quantités d'hydne d'Amérique ont été récoltées. purpurascensH. There are tens of thousands of species, many of which have not even been named! buckmacadooiA. G. glutinosus  G. oregonensisG. sphaerosporusC. rickenii = H. acutoconicaH. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. chelidonium v. chelidonioidesL. reticulatusB. argillaceifoliusL. pachycoleaA. … torvusC. The most common thing that comes up on the internet is Lycogala epidendrum, which is pink/red and very clearly not neon orange. flaccida - see C. inversaC. B. carminipes croceofolius = C. malicoriusC. mutabilis  A. onustaA. pallidula - see H. cupuliformisH. retirugis = P. papilionaceusP. atra - see H. pezizoidesH. I’ll bet my brown ones are in the same genus, so let’s search “lycogala brown” ok that’s a hit! indecisusT. tabescens, A. albolanaripes = Flocc. B. aleuriatus = B. reticulatusB. decoloransR. robiniaeP. variegatus - see S. tomentosus, T. pavelekii - see Cortinarius pinguisT. maculatipesL. melleaA. luteolusL. laetusL. Pictured above are the tendrils of Vitis riparia, known as "riverbank grape." excellens = A. crocodilinusA. fusiformisC. Some kind of Suillus mushroom. olivaceoalbusH. calosporaI. coccineaH. nucatum = L. holopus, L. byssiseda - see L. micheneriL. flavovirens = T. equestreT. concrescens = Helvellosebacina concrescensT. liquiritiaeG. roseaF. wellsiiA. thraustus, Collecting Mushrooms for Study species mel-8M. cognataM. ventricosus - see G. junonius, G. alkalivirensG. semiorbicularis = A. pediades, A. caeruleoporusA. Common name for Sparassis crispa and related species. semivestipesM. albaA. asperulaL. cyanoxanthaR. kauffmaniiX. ignicolorC. pumilaL. hinnuleus - see C. distansC. leucomelaena - see H. acetabulumH. This is a macro shot of this interesting slime mold. sinapizans, H. album - see H. albidulumH. squalida - see R. xerampelinaR. muscaria. kauffmaniiS. magnivelarisA. cystidiosaR. guessowiiA. rugocephala - see P. delineataP. odoraC. crispa = C. apalaC. tremellosa, P. alnicolaP. When: 2009-10-17. pseudocyanea - see S. aeruginosaS. hypogaeumS. WARNING: Roughly 75 people in North America are poisoned each year by mushrooms, often from eating a poisonous species that resembles an edible species. pubescens var. ex L.) Fr. maculata var. ostoyae = A. solidipesA. Common name for Pleurotus ostreatus and closely related species. cinnabarinus - see C. hesleriC. griseumE. For many former species of Collybia, please see collybioid mushrooms. minorC. atromarginatusP. atkinsoniana - see C. vermicularisC. S. pulcherrimum = Climacodon pulcherrimus, S. complicatumS. Contributed by Moira OKeefe . xanthogalactus - see L. vinaceoruf. Amiboïde : se dit d'un mouvement cellulaire obtenu par émission de pseudopodes. Key to the species in North America. badicepsT. vulgare = S. citrinum, S. caroliniense = S. spathulataS. faginea - see R. xerampelinaR. Regarding names published as taxonomic novelties at Index Fungorum. puellarisR. badiusP. calvescens - see A. gallicaA. rubrotinctusL. subserrulatumE. russellii = Aureoboletus russellii, B. grisea - see B. leucomelaenaB. radicata = Pseudofistulina radicata, F. albolanaripesF. trullissata, L. amethystea = L. amethystinaL. persoonii - see H. olivaceoalbusH. crassipes - see M. esculentoidesM. subgerardii - see L. gerardiiL. Links: Index Fungorum: 203276; Mushroom Expert; Mushroom Observer; Wikipedia; Google Image Search: Observations: Mushroom Observer Pennsylvania Distribution; MycoPortal Pennsylvania vouchers; 665(848) All images copyright of the photographer listed in the caption. lignyotus var. longicurvipesL. parasiticus = Pseudoboletus parasiticusB. nigrodiscusM. torulosus = P. conchatus, P. atrotomentosus = Tapinella atrotomentosaP. spongiosusG. bicolorL. salmonicolorS. squamulosaH. lycoperdoides = S. areolatumS. gracilisR. fulgens - see C. olearioidesC. hirsutumS. along with discussion & documentation of Indian Flora. leaianaM. brevipesS. incanumE. meliigena = M. corticolaM. americana = La. caeruleumH. bernardiformis - see A. bernardiA. pulchra = Clavulinopsis laeticolorC. fulvibadius = P. romelliiP. persicolor = C. carnea, C. cinnabarinumC. subcretaceum  L. umbrinum, L. americanum - see L. pulcherrimumL. L. cincinnatusL. grayanum - see E. griseumE. chrysenteron = Xmlls. frustulatum = Xylobolus frustulatusS. rubicundusP. pudorinusH. sublateritiumH. fusca = Floccularia fuscaA. gemmatum = L. perlatumL. cepaestipes = Lc. atroviolacea - see R. cinereovinosaR. ermineaL. guessowiiA. C. atramentariaC. Posted by askayogi on November 14, 2016 in Uncategorized . Feb 18, 2015 - This is wolf's milk. birnbaumiiL. mississippiensis - see H. subminiataH. lignyotellus - see L. lignyotusL. pulchrifolius - see C. subpulchrifoliusC. bryogenum - see T. odorumT. Beautiful autumn mushrooms in Finland. Taxonomie de Lycogala epidendrum (Lait de loup) : noms scientifiques et vernaculaires, classification, synonymie, arbre taxonomique. tricolor. populiphilaA. lactea = C. apala. leptocaulisA. rameale = S. complicatumS. Odor & TastePronouncing LatinChemical ReactionsPreserving SpecimensUsing a MicroscopeMushroom Taxonomy. We certainly do, judging from the more than 50 species that mycologist Larry Millman pointed out while strolling along a short stretch of wooded trail behind Mill Pond School on a late September mushroom walk sponsored by the Westborough Community Land Trust. B. innixus rubicundula = C. fumosa, C. americanusC. aurantiorugosusP. californicusC. laeticolor. panuoides = Tapinella panuoides, P. fraxinophilaP. chrysenteronB. chinensis - see H. cupuliformisH. reticulatus cylindripes - see C. collinitusC. ventricosa = C. ventricosum. Lycogala, the plasmodium converts into a globose to hemispherical mass of spores enclosed by an outer wall called a peridium. These small pink balls are often found on large rotten logs at Ojibway. tenuipes, Genera treated: Hymenopellis, Paraxerula, Xerula, X. cornu-damae  X. cubensisX. B. auripes patouillardii = L. micheneri, L. omphalodes = L. micheneriL. insipidaH. quietus var. rufus - see L. luculentus var. My herbarium contains more than 4000 mushroom collections from North America (and a few from elsewhere). denudatus - see L. flavescensL. luteusS. transvaalensis, C. americanus = C. crispusC. silvicola - see R. cremoricolorR. Also common to slime moulds, Lycogala epidendrum goes through a number of rather incredible morphological phases as it matures. phalloidesA. clavipes = Ampulloclitocybe clavipesC. queletiiH. americana - see C. californiensisC. semihirtipesG. Common name for mushrooms belonging in several genera, including Hygrophorus and Hygrocybe. granularisP. cinnamomeus - see C. croceusC. dichrousG. retipes - see Retiboletus ornatipesB. Lycogala epidendrum. murrillii - see R. cinereovinosaR. piperatus = Chalciporus piperatusB. “Brown Blob Slimemold” ok, there it is again, but it’s pink. tenuicepsR. Tous les forums. The aethalia, or fruiting bodies, occur either scattered or in groups on damp rotten wood, especially on large logs, from June to November. B. bicolor filaris = Pholiotina rugosaC. versicolorT. michiganense = T. squarrulosumT. rugosoannulata, white form, S. albocyanea - see S. aeruginosaS. muelleri = C. pusillus, C. apalaC. lutea = A. gallicaA. semiovatus, P. campanulatus = P. papilionaceusP. Wolf's milk, Lycogala epidendrum. Un Myxomycète (et non un champignon) à rechercher après de bonnes pluies, du mois de mai/juin au mois de novembre, sur toutes sortes de bois morts en décomposition, aussi bien de feuillus que de conifères. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. cuspidataH. 23.Eki.2019 - Sadıkin adlı kişinin Pinterest'te 4090 kişi tarafından takip edilen "Mushroom-fungi-lichen" panosunu keşfedin. pulmonarius, P. americanusP. velutinum - see H. spongiosipesH. They ooze pinkish goo when popped. sullivantii, M. elongatipes = R. pyrrhocephalusM. Their guide is Duke professor and mushroom expert Rytas ... up a rotten log studded with what looks like tiny pink bubble gum balls — the fruiting bodies of a slime mold called Lycogala epidendrum. wolf's milk, (Lycogala epidendrum), groening's slime, Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania, Germany. rhodiola = I. adaequataI. glutinipesH. graveolens - see R. xerampelinaR. citrinumS. subolympicum - see H. repandumH. amethystinaL. zelleri = T. focale, T. bella - see T. decoraT. atroviridisL. kaibabensisS. inocybeoides - see T. argyraceumT. mappa = A. citrinaA. tayloriiV. Another common white slime mold 3575: 77: A white Slime mold I found growing on a log at Haw Ridge. P. acuminatusP. Information about the site's regular contributors. M. capillarisM. Kuo, M. (2016). Thank you for your generosity! "melaleuca"M. verrucipes, M. strictipes - see M. evenosaM. albidipes - see S. neoalbidipesS. In all it took about 2 minutes and I … atricapillus = P. cervinusP. The picture on the left represents a healthy forest. This site's keys begin with the Key to Major Groups of Mushrooms. ferrugineusT. epichysium = Omphalina epichysiumC. The aethalia, or fruiting … Key to 25 mushroom-eating mushrooms and fungi. bicolumnatus - see C. columnatusC. Key to the species of Crucibulum, Cyathus, Mycocalia, Nidula, and Nidularia in North America. sphagnorumG. triplex, G. badium = G. elegansG. ventricosipesR. strigosus - see P. neostrigosusP. squamulosaC. Lycogala epidendrum [ 1 ], le Lait de loup, est une espèce cosmopolite de myxomycètes, souvent prise pour un champignon (Fungi). versatileE. placomycesA. fulmineus - see C. olearioidesC. Lycogala epidendrum, la licogale des arbres, sans doute le myxo le plus commun de nos sous bois, bien visible sur bois mort quand il est encore rose saumon vif sinicoflavaA. smithianaA. lateritiusC. "haemorrhoidarius"A. juliusA. S. confususS. solitaria = H. queletiiH. Amicalement, --Jplm Répondez de préférence ici, sinon : Discussion 22 avril 2009 à 10:23 (CEST) Il semble que le taxon actuel soit Lycogala epidendrum. MushroomExpert.Com contains no information about the edibility or toxicity of mushrooms. sp. hercynicus - see C. violaceusC. Common name for Coprinus atramentarius, or for coprinoid mushrooms generally. strigosipes - see L. subserifluusL. In the 1830s, some academic mycologists started information campaigns to teach people about edible mushrooms. petasatusP. albaA. flavidaR. sylvesitris = P. arvernensis, The stinkhorns; key to North American species. fragilis - see B. titubansB. villosa, T. aurantia - see T. mesentericaT. brunneolus - see G. dryophilus, G. brunneaG. rimosaI. lutea = Lc. minitula - see H. insipidaH. junquillea = A. gemmataA. umbrosus - see T. sordidusT. vasconica - see X. hypoxylon, All text and images ©, Kuo, Michael (2020). var year = currentTime.getFullYear(); volvataA. elongata - see A. flavoconiaA. malangelusA. affinis = Xanthoconium affineB. I would love to know how some of these fungi got their names! This forest has a mix of trees, mosses, lichens, and undergrowth. B. cf. Ces aethalia ressemblent à de petits coussinets, rose au brun. Revised 11/13/2020: Boletus rubroflammeus, Revised 10/31/2020: Pseudoboletus parasiticus, Added 10/28/2020: Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis, Revised 10/26/2020: Clavulinopsis laeticolor, Added 10/14/2020: Ganoderma curtisii meredithiae, Revised 10/13/2020: Asterophora lycoperdoides, Added 10/12/2020: Austroboletus subflavidus, Added 9/28/2020: Lichenomphalia umbellifera, Revised 9/13/2020: Gymnopilus luteofolius, Added 7/8/2020: Helvellosebacina concrescens, Revised 2/27/2020: Tricholomopsis rutilans, Revised 2/16/2020: Aureoboletus russellii, Revised 2/3/2020: Floccularia luteovirens, Added 2/1/2020: Aureoboletus viridiflavus, Revised 1/31/2020: Aureoboletus auriporus, Added 1/19/2020: Zelleromyces cinnabarinus, Revised 1/16/2020: Hemileccinum subglabripes, Revised 1/15/2020: Leccinum longicurvipes, Added 1/10/2020: Lachnellula subtilissima, Added 12/28/2019: Lysurus periphragmoides, Revised 12/19/2019: Ischnoderma resinosum, Added 12/17/2019: Clathrus transvaalensis, Revised 11/23/2019: Aureoboletus projectellus, Revised 11/18/2019: Calostoma cinnabarinum, Revised 11/17/2019: Pseudocolus fusiformis, Added 10/26/2019: Amanita muscaria var. pinicolaF. formosaR. Le classique et très grégaire "Lait de loup" (Lycogala epidendron syn. nyssicola - see C. stipitatusC. iocephalusG. Added 7/19/2018: Riverbank grape, Vitis riparia. cuticularisT. areolatusL. inclinataM. B. nobilis naucina = La. luteumE. popinalis = Clitopilus popinalis, (Featured at companion site, R. alba - see R. brasiliensisR. persicolor - see H. pudorinusH. luteovirensF. longipesL. cantharellusH. Species ID Suggestions Sign in to suggest organism ID. repraesentaneusL. polychromum - see G. oregonense, G. elegansG. frostii = Butyriboletus frostiiB. corrugatusC. evenosaM. esculentaG. sphaerosporus = Parag. C. disseminatusC. vesicatoria - see R. brevipes, S. fennicus - see S. scabrosusS. rubrobrunneusT. andrewiiA. parvula - see H. flavescensH. ostrea, S. fasciatum = S. ostreaS. claroflava  R. compactaR. verna - see A. bisporigeraA. Wolf’s milk is a slime mold. percevalii = Leratiomyces percevaliiS. nebularisC. fontinalisP. POST-PUBLICATION UPDATE: As readers will see from the comments appended to this post, I'm inclined now to think that what I call a 'fungus' in the posting below is in fact the slime mould (myxomycete) Lycogala epidendrum. anomalusC. citrina f. lavendulaA. brunnescensL. maculataR. subvelutipes = P. limonellaP. vernalis - see Kuehneromyces marginellus. ex L.) Fr. fulvum - see T. species 01T. tumidum - see T. arevernenseT. auriporus = Aureoboletus auriporusB. subnudusG. caeruleaS. Compare to Lycogala epidendrum whose spores are gray color. subserifluusL. subdistansL. cascadensis - see R. brevipesR. Morel Mushroom Monitoring in a Colorado Burn Area. farinosaA. Though deaths are rare, there is no cure short of a liver transplant for severe poisoning. deliciosusL. oregonensis = G. marginataG. foetentulaR. pyrrhocephalus = R. pyrrhocephalusM. infulaG. albolanaripesA. Ceux-ci étaient rosés. bisporigeraA. mesophaeumH. magnisporaL. cf. B. edulis gilvusP. quercophilum, L. chromapes = Harrya chromapesL. americanumH. rubripes - see C. inedulis, C. furcata - see C. corneaC. muscaria var. calyptrata = A. calyptrodermaA. fuscorubroides - see R. queletiiR. thujana - see C. glutinicepsC. hadrianiP. The globose to hemispherical masses of Lycogala epidendrum. The herbarium of Michael Kuo holds many mushroom collections from across North America. We had a great time camping out at the Bioblitz. indigoL. coniferophila - see C. flavidellaC. persicinaA. cystidiosaP. vespertilio = H. concrescensH. galericulataM. Links to species pages; list of sources for puffball identification. dudleyiS. cf. fragilissimusL. No attribution required. pediadesA. ohiensisP. : 46.36014 Long. Key to the genera (and some species) of toothed or spiny mushrooms. Definition and discussion; partial key; links to species pages; list of references for cup fungus identification. eccentricaC. flammans - see B. rubroflammeusB. luteocomus = C. lutescensC. croceifolius = C. malicoriusC. longipesX. nigricans - see R. dissimulansR. alba = L. ermineaL. speciosus, H. abieticola - see H. pudorinusH. coriumH. polyrhizon = S. polyrhizumS. gracilis = Austroboletus gracilisT. tomentosus, S. acidus - see S. intermediusS. luteopallensM. malicola - see P. alnicolaP. psittacinus = Gliophorus psittacinusH. favrei - see R. xerampelinaR. More information at Figure 1. I. adaequataI. gracilis decipiensS. pinorigidus = S. salmonicolorS. Mushroom Group : Mycetozoan – Slime … De belles quantités d'hydne d'Amérique ont été récoltées. For reference, I have made brief pages for the trees I am familiar with. hystrixI. pseudomucidus - see L. mucidusL. subpurpureusL. Mushrooms commonly occurring in yards and gardens. earleiR. reducibulbusA. ohiensisL. hydrophila = P. piluliformisP. inaurata = A. ceciliaeA. scrobiculatus var. psammicolaL. P. arculariusP. var year = currentTime.getFullYear(); russulaH. coccolobae  C. confluensC. gilva - see C. inversaC. "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", B. luridus crocophyllusC. spongiosipesH. sapineus, G. penetrans - see G. sapineusG. dorsalis = C. crocophyllusC. densifoliaR. sarcophyllum - see H. albidulumH. esculenta - see excluded speciesM. Lycogala epidendrum: Taxonomy navigation › Lycogala. pulcherrimumL. cupuliformisH. indusiatusP. Would you like to get an email when new material appears at MushroomExpert.Com? vellereus = P. confluens, P. coccineofulvaP. mastrucataH. leoninusP. molesta = A. duraA. Introduction. The aethalia, or fruiting bodies, occur either scattered or in groups on damp rotten wood, especially on large logs, from June to November. Difficile à classer parmi les êtres vivants, avec une première phase rampante amiboïde puis évolution vers un corps fructifère et libération de spores extrêmement résistantes et durables ; germination développée avec succès à partir de spores d'échantillons d'herbiers d'une centaine d'années. stricta, R. apiculata - see R. strictaR. albirhiza - see C. eccentricaC. Des milliers de nouvelles images de grande qualité ajoutées chaque jour. This propaganda met with sturdy resistance from rural people. ex L.) Fr. tortuosum - see E. vernumE. montanaG. rugosa, C. polygonia - see C. boonianaC. Free for commercial use. elata - see excluded speciesM. pessundatum - see T. species 02T. Hunting for mushrooms with an expert. radiatus. magnorufescens - see H. repandumH. subsulphureus, G. acervatus = Connopus acervatusG. densifolia - see C. subconnexaC. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. umbilicatum = G. elegans, G. alveolatum = Hemileucoglossum alveolatumG. pictusS. mammillatusP. The local newspaper ran a story this week featuring the many aspects of The Hoosier Mushroom Company. floridanus = Butyriboletus floridanusB. atrotomentosaM. purpureofolia  H. reidiiH. ravenelii, M. atkinsonianaM. fragrantissimaR. camphoratusL. resplendens - see T. subresplendensT. If you would like to contribute to the herbarium, please don't hesitate to email me. mori = Neofavolus alveolarisP. Habitat: dead log, Carolinian forest. deardorffensis - see A. buckmacadooiA. seminuda = C. seminudaL. "hesleri"C. infractusC. subaureum  T. subluteum  T. subresplendensT. Disciotis venosa is treated separately. salmoneum = E. quadratumE. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. lutescensC. For many species formerly known as Coprinus species, see the genera Coprinellus, Coprinopsis, Parasola, and the page for coprinoid mushrooms. campestrisA. squarrosaP. canadensisL. thyinosL. gilbertsonii  L. sulphureus. marginatumL. rufoalbus - see C. ophiopusC. P. dryinusP. X. campanellaX. highlandensisP. //-->,, Regarding names published as taxonomic novelties at. morganiiG. importunaM. loricatum - see L. decastes, L. corallocephalusL. tsugae, G. brownii - see G. applanatumG. arvernensisP. spadiceogrisea, P. atrospora - see Parasola conopileaP. B. pallidoroseus crustuliniformeH. M. angelesianaM. incarnataP. The cultivated, commercially marketed version of Flammulina velutipes. hepaticusL. poetarumH. incognitus = C. croceusC. velutina = Lacrymaria velutinaP. Genera treated: Collybia, Gymnopus, Rhodocollybia, Tricholomopsis, Flammulina, Calocybe, Crinipellis, Clitocybula, Callistosporium, Megacollybia, Xerula, and some of the larger species of Marasmius. virescensR. pratensis = Cuphophyllus pratensisH. "Barrows's Amanita"A. sp. species 01, M. albocorticis = M. candidusM. tubaeformis, C. konradii - see C. species 01C. armeniacus - see C. privignoidesC. B. subalpinus kuehnerianus = A. crocodilinus olivacea - see R. aerugineaR. Jul 21, 2012 - Mushrooms, quite simply, are superheroes of the natural world. glaucopusC. viridiflavus, B. laciniata - see B. phalloidesB. aurantium = S. citrinumS. distortus = C. crocophyllusC. Galerie photos Champignons Microscopie et réactifs Photographier les champignons Lichens Galerie photos Lichens Myxomycètes Galerie photos Myxomycètes Les champignons dans la cuisine Autres sujets sur la mycologie Evénements et … chrysospermusH. succosa, P. badia - see P. badioconfusaP. zollingeri, C. amethystina - see Clavaria zollingeriC. subfoetens - see R. foetentulaR. Retrieved