The diversity of uses generates external activities that contribute to the safety of spaces: more people on the streets helps to inhibit crime. June 9, 2017, Public spaces have the power to connect people and cities. Controlling the Commons, How Public is Public Space? When urban design principles are applied consistently in a neighborhood, city, or town, the appearance of both private sector new construction and the public space between the edge of the street and the front of the buildings will be enhanced. The End(s) of Urban Design. Social participation: Involving residents in the design, planning and administration of urban public spaces or the neighborhoods in which they live is essential to maintain the quality of these spaces. They continue to be vital for urban well-being. A. Krieger and S. Saunders. Whilst every public space will be different, and attempts to define universally applicable principles for ‘good’ public space design are often based on little more than supposition and intuitive analysis (e.g. We take their principles and formulate a design solution and a strategic plan for the project of the Grand creative park in Kragujevac based on quantitative and qualitative research of social context of space usage and public life in this place at all. 2010, p. 133), leaving such outcomes entirely to chance is unlikely to be a successful strategy. They are environments for interaction and exchange of ideas that impact the quality of the urban environment. 2004. Image from Car Free NYC on Earth Day 2017. a citywide perspective, urban design consists of the standards and regulations that govern private development and public investment in infrastructure and services. A well-rounded sustainability strategy also includes protecting the land through architectural design, rather than working against it. Photo by Otávio Almeida / Flickr. In the series “Public Spaces,” originally published in Portuguese by TheCityFix Brasil, we explore different aspects related to public spaces that determine our daily experience in cities. It is possible to go even deeper and relate the presence and planning of public spaces with democratic values. At the other end of the scale, recent years have also seen the character of many of London’s historic squares changing, most notably Trafalgar Square, as a result of traffic calming and significant public realm improvements. Public areas shape community ties in neighborhoods. Whilst the factors determining a sense of enclosure are contested (Haile 2012), many formal public squares are of this type and planners will need to work closely with developers and other interested parties to ensure they exhibit the sorts of qualities discussed in the second half of this paper. London: CABE Space. Opening onto it is a supermarket, a hotel, a café, a number of small shops and a large number of apartments. 2001. Stimulating the local economy: Quality public spaces not only benefit people by offering leisure and living areas, but they also have the potential to boost the local economy. Southbank, London—the sequence of spaces along the south bank of the Thames in central London have been transformed in recent years and now host a variety of ‘fun’ activities from public art, to performance, to consumption, Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park, London—the new spaces of Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park are varied in themselves but range from raucous play spaces to quiet areas for peaceful relaxation. Whilst some very busy spaces (e.g. 15), and by hosting other amenities and features with which users can directly engage (Fig. How the opportunity is taken to maximise the potential for a positive social environment in public space. 5. Originally published in Portuguese on TheCityFix Brasil. 4. Consequently, while Sigrist says these principles are about the design of public space, he is actually listing architectural principles of building form. Whilst buildings, landscape and infrastructure define the physical limits of external public spaces, the land uses surrounding spaces, and those lining the streets leading from spaces, will dictate what sort of places they will be; whether peaceful, gently animated or full of life.

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