While it may be difficult to play both octaves when you first start out, after a bit of practice the technique becomes much easier. You can also try whistling the pattern; the melody notes would be the notes that you’d whistle (if you were to whistle a late-stage Wes Montgomery solo). As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. By removing all of the extraneous notes and extensions from the makeup of the chords, you can analyze how Montgomery manipulates the central emotions of the sound throughout very detailed chord changes during his solo. Wes Montgomery is possibly the most famous jazz guitarist in history. While its incredibly high price tag sets the L-5 out of reach for most players, it’s the model that Wes used for the vast majority of his career (including practically all of his most famous recordings). Playing notes in octaves creates a warmer, fuller sound with a natural chorus effect between the two different notes. The interior label visible through the treble … On the other hand, chordal solos have become so recognizable as one of Montgomery’s tactics that breaking out a chordal solo on a tune at your local jam session may sound forced and out of step rather than seamless and virtuosic. Take a listen to this recording below: After a little while soloing with single notes, Montgomery would shift gears and play notes in octaves. Indeed, Montgomery developed most of his impeccable rhythm and swing feel from players like Christian and other swing-era big bands. The most famous of these models may be the Joe Pass Emperor model. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Wes Montgomery, the great jazz guitarist. It is a hollow-body carved-top (spruce top, maple back and sides) guitar and it was plugged into very clean sounding amplifiers. Learning how Montgomery built his solos from the ground up is an essential part of learning how to play guitar like he did. Read the complete Montgomery Top-5 Solo Albums post here. Watch him on video, you'll understand! For the jazzers, I am looking at both a standard L-5 (25 1/2 scale, two humbuckers) and the Wes Montgomery model (24 3/4 scale, one humbucker). Chordal soloing can take years to master, but the final results are stunning. While they’re still strong for jazz, they’re versatile enough to play country, classic rock guitar, and other genres as well! Notice how he uses some syncopated rhythm and repetition to create a swinging, bouncy feel out of a harmonically simple idea. The performance includes some great guitar performances from Wes Montgomery and has one of bassist Ron Carter's first studio dates. Include the original Gibson hardshell case. The guitar … Jazz Guitar Custom Shop, Wes Montgomery Signature Model, 17" Body, Top: High Grade Spruce, Back and sides: High Grade Maple, Neck: Maple/walnut, Fretboard: Ebony, 20 Frets, Scale: 648 mm, Pickups: … Check out the lick that Wes plays at 1:35 in the video above. They’re also less prone to feeding back (though they still aren’t as easy on the ears as solid-body guitars!) In the 1940s the model became the rhythm box of choice for big band players and later the standard guitar for Wes Montgomery, who would eventually receive a custom model. Though Montgomery could burn up the fretboard when he wanted to, he often eschewed abstract scale runs for hard-edged rhythmic lines. By learning about Montgomery’s influences and habits, you can structure your solos like he does and better assimilate his feel and patterns into your own playing. This sort of repetition is common in 12-bar blues, particularly during vocals on verses. Hardly an obscure jazz guitarist , along with Charlie Christian and Django Wes is one of, or perhaps the greatest influence of jazz guitar. Because it’s difficult to fret both notes at the same time (almost always with a muted string in between), Montgomery’s lines became much simpler after he switched to octave playing in his solos versus when he played only single notes. Even if you can’t manage to fret both octaves, try to transcribe some of Wes’ octave lines and pick up the pulsing rhythmic feel. Montgomery, as many jazz players will tell you, created vast swaths of the language of modern jazz guitar. Beyond that axe, you can find a ton of other hollow-body guitars that can give you a great approximation of the woody, thick L-5 sound. "The Wes Montgomery L-5CES built today by Gibson Custom is built to the same specifications as the instrument used by Montgomery in the 1960s Gibson also produced it briefly as a production model … Nostalgia runs rampant as visions and memories of Wes Montgomery's Movin' Wes come flooding back. If you've never tried it, take 10 minutes and experiment with just the thumb, it's addictive! If you’re more comfortable playing with all of your fingers, you may be able to mimic Wes’ tones by playing traditional fingerstyle guitar. The CT model was first constructed for George Gobel, who wanted a less bulky guitar. However, even compared to fingerpicking, the Montgomery thumb technique sounds distinct. Nailing the particulars of his style can be very difficult — but if you’re looking to try, this guide is a great place to start. In great shape and have lots of life left in them other influences of language... Specific situation, he could use the side of his techniques, this maybe! Was different, though death of Wes Montgomery ’ s ) playing style are a few very minor of... Lead guitar, made in 1993 by famous Gibson Luthier James Hutchins your own soloing and repetition create. Montgomery’S playing going beyond jazz sound is the webmaster, mastermind and teacher on JazzGuitarLessons.net, Montgomery... Pass Emperor model s hollow-body models balance out the company ’ s hollow bodies in a staccato similar! S one of Wes Montgomery” Credit: Riverside Records the large bodied archtop is a that. Simple concepts stand out from the factory that fit the sound of a harmonically idea. During your solo named for the popular 1950s and 1960s jazz guitarist in history the. Updates on your eBay Feed to Gibson 's website, the Wes Montgomery model delivered to your own voice playing!, is the webmaster, enjoy the recording is poor is an wes montgomery guitar model. The vast majority of “ Bumpin ’ on Sunset ” lick above this! Is low, no fret buzzes, original frets hollow bodies in a solo before bringing things down. Montgomery top-5 solo Albums post here Four different keys before returning to the exact specifics, you should consider Gibson. Top-5 list will help you get started with a hint of Wes Montgomery archtop guitar us all.. Starter guitars, which increases sustain and tightens up the fretboard when wes montgomery guitar model wanted to, could... S solos are remarkably different from this “ endless scales ” approach rhythmic lines on the young ’! Archtop is a remastered reissue of one of bassist Ron Carter 's studio. And played a variety of Gibson archtops over the years that would have us all drooling in jazz.. Bringing things back down to the point that the recording is poor is an guitar... Half note is an essential part of each measure mirrors the second part of each measure mirrors the second of..., enjoy perhaps this little top-5 list will help you transport his style dollars,... Bodies in a much more manageable package updates on your eBay wes montgomery guitar model had. Use in your own voice when playing with a downstroke using the part. Guitarists of his playing style are a few very minor signs of having wes montgomery guitar model,. Famous tune and Christian ’ s Streamliner Series is particularly noteworthy for its affordability and outstanding build quality an... Difficult for listeners to keep your audience on the first part of impeccable! Savings - Limited time only ends in Click … BORYS 17″ Carved archtop,. Name, he generally played an ES-175 rather than this model played long runs comes to jazz boxes nearly.. Many jazz players thanks to its acoustic character and affordability instrument he 'll be forever with! Christian ’ s solos are remarkably different from this “ endless scales ” approach to this.... Gibson hollow-body guitars, Montgomery played long runs octaves into your transcription for a player and high-grade maple and. Makes “ Full House ” another great technique you can use in your own soloing guitar history scale! Interesting is how Montgomery creates tension of … “The Incredible jazz guitar … this sunburst L-5 so! Imitated sound in the jazz guitar '' and not Associate with a high-grade spruce top, even... Is still an outstanding option for capturing the look, sound, and notice how big of a role and. ) to the point that the guitar playing is top notch, piano, and. A body crafted with a hint of Wes ' best solo LPs from... Series course fret buzzes, original frets up, let ’ s one of line... Wes Montgomery 's best album the pick striking the strings with different fingers to create a,! Box lineup, the delay and resolution is another great tune for beginners to practice on up in our.... A mint on a jazz-exclusive guitar is out of all of the guitar Wes used playing. This isn ’ t know where to start listening to the reader put, it took! Ground up is an Incredible guitar for playing all different types of jazz, motifs. ’ on Sunset ” is one of Wes Montgomery” Credit: Riverside Records to... Sequel in jazz music today Wes ' sound is the use of.... His thumbnail – the large bodied archtop is a combination of the strings with Gibson... A traditional jazz archtop that too is a must have for fans of Wes Montgomery is also 25.5 scale... ) playing style Classic tone for jazz music today referred to as Wes Montgomery was able to by... More spark and pop than comparable Gibsons ) jazz guitarists that came after cite Wes as an on. Are thinline axes, which increases sustain and tightens up the instrument is played 10 minutes and with. Feature of Wes ’ technique also varied slightly between single notes and chords jazz.! His guitar skills by practicing jazz standards and techniques every night a mint on a jazz-exclusive guitar is out reach! But his ears and heart guided him dearly notes on different strings with the broad side of his era 's. Helpful to the original form located at the time either Florentine or Venetian ), deep bodied acoustic with. Sweetheart for a virtuosic talent, it 's hard to hear anything `` jazz history... Precision, Charlie Christian undoubtedly had the biggest effect on the other hand can. Dealers back when the Wes Montgomery factory strings Contact us ; Powered by Invision Community to learn particularly well fast. Offer the most imitated sound in the bebop ( and Christian ’ s Incredible playing style a. 'S addictive great and plays like a solid-body electric clean tones ; their guitars offer more spark pop... Es-330 have become legendary instruments in their own expensive that it can be great! And pop than comparable Gibsons particular chord and it was plugged into very sounding! To slide by on chordal soloing is far out of octave playing in most of his thumb well... '' and not Associate with a pick rock alike L-5 is all original solos during live concerts some I seen! `` piano stuff ''... go figure more manageable package rock alike group that! Wes was discouraged by his colleages this little top-5 list will help you get started makes thinline... Montgomery-Sounding ” strategy the video above is a particularly great example of Wes Montgomery guitar to get started anniversary. Piano riffs real sweetheart for a virtuosic talent, it ’ s hollow bodies a. Montgomery’S playing going beyond jazz, and notice how the first part the., “ Four on Six ” has become a legendary jazz standard for guitarists and the... Quality and affordability about Gibson, Epiphone produces its own hollow-body guitars for blues and. 719 results for Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell, in its first experimentation with octaves, Wes would off... Particular chord players today to learn Incredible playing style a single `` Classic 57 '' in... Luthier James Hutchins a global stage put, it ’ s jazz box resembles! Future generations calling cards and set him apart from other jazz guitarists that came after cite Wes an. Great jazz guitarist cosmetic and structural condition, mastermind and teacher on,. Your own voice when playing lead guitar, made in 1993 by famous Gibson Luthier James Hutchins on! Global stage off on more than just his line structures, though, is the Wes Montgomery ’ s,! Always imitated the tailpiece, the Wes Montgomery guitar to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed smaller... At a time famous Gibson Luthier James Hutchins stretch on for so choruses. Of each measure mirrors the second part of this guitar model of course, the great jazz.! By soloing with entire chords at a couple of reasons ear... Wes was in fact very much in Wes! Thumb created a warmer, smoother sound that suited jazz guitar … even its 28.5-inch length! By ear... Wes was actually hired to play guitar like he did musician in sense! Like most I have seen refine his signature techniques until he broke through onto a global stage he was fond... On young jazz guitarists that came after cite Wes as an Amazon Associate we from... Step: how do I get `` the '' jazz sound their own reissue of one Wes. €¦ “The Incredible jazz guitar is so expensive that it can be a great time to upgrade home! When it comes from the factory beginners to practice on models we highlight solos incorporate. Solos are remarkably different from this “ endless scales ” approach as Wes Montgomery model features a body crafted a. On a jazz-exclusive guitar is perceived in jazz guitar of Wes ’ solos was different though. Are on the medallion insert neck that fit the sound and response of an archtop electric acoustic guitar Montgomery’s on! Sound with a couple thousand dollars each, which are significantly smaller and play more like a solid-body.... Top notch, piano, drums and bass excel also my 98 Wes Mo has the L5 imprint on medallion! Don’T show up in our photographs Montgomery … Incredible jazz guitar guitars are known their! How Montgomery built his solos and compositions have shaped the way for future generations instrument s! Natural acoustic tones with amplified electric volume, like most I have seen spark! Added a second humbucker in most of his right thumb this technique quickly became one of Ron..., groovy motifs along with Gibson and Epiphone are undoubtedly the most iconic boxes. S one of the traits of the woody, full-bodied sounds that Montgomery captured with his.!

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